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women's activewear from Aventura
The Story Behind Aventura Clothing

In 1965, Sportif USA began as a small business in Southern California, headed by John G. Kirsch. In true entrepreneurial style, Kirsch sold tennis shorts from the back of the family's station wagon, gradually building a reputation for quality and comfort. As this reputation grew, so did the market for high-quality outdoor clothing. 

In the early 70’s, John moved with his wife and children to the beautiful Sierra Nevada, where his blossoming manufacturing business took root.  For the next two decades, Sportif would continue to be an innovator in the outdoor clothing industry.

In a cruel twist of fate, John Kirsch’s twin-engine beechcraft plane crashed in the snow-covered San Bernardino mountains in March 1991. John Kirsch, Jr. boldly took the reigns as president, and with his siblings, decided to continue the dream his father had spent his life pursuing – to position Sportif as a leader in the outdoor apparel industry.

2005 marked the company’s 40th anniversary, an event celebrated with exciting new opportunities and adventures. Most notably, Sportif announced the launch of its new women’s line - Aventura Clothing.  Aventura Clothing has the mission to “help the earth… one garment at a time.” We want to provide our customers with fashionable “eco-friendly” products that will lower our ecologic footprint on the planet. Over 80% of this casual lifestyle clothing for women is made from environmentally friendly fabrics so you can feel good about looking great!

Featured Products from AVENTURA CLOTHING
Women's Activewear HEIDI CARDIGAN
The Aventura Heidi Cardigan is a fantastic wrap cardigan for the cold weather season.  The southwest inspired design of this sweater cardigan makes it unique and sophisticated.  This knit cardigan will be sure to be your favorite this season!
women's outdoor apparel ISOBEL LONG SLEEVE TOP
The Aventura Isobel Long Sleeve Top is a unique striped long sleeve top.  The dye treatment on this long sleeve coupled with the handkerchief hem makes it a standout for Fall.  
Women's outdoor apparel NATALIE REVERSIBLE SKIRT
The Aventura Natalie Reversible Skirt is a brilliantly designed casual skirt for the fall/winter season.  Wear it with the printed side out, or as a solid skirt.  Whatever you decide, this skirt will keep you warm and fashionable.
Women's outdoor apparel HARRIET LEGGING
The Aventura Harriet Legging has a  chevron print that brings a refinement to any outfit.  Wear this legging for added warmth, or layer it under your favorite top to up your style quotient.  The Harriet legging should be a staple in your wardrobe for a long time to come.  
Women's activewear BIENNE LEGGING
The Aventura Bienne Legging is no ordinary legging with its seamless construction.  Wear it under your favorite sweater or top, or layer it under your favorite dress and you will be sure to turn heads.

Fall Favorites & New Arrivals!

Fall Favorites & New Arrivals!

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Aventura Amberely 3/4 Sleeve Top - WomensAventura Amberely 3/4 Sleeve Top - Womens
Aventura Annalise Cardigan - WomensAventura Annalise Cardigan - Womens
Aventura Belleview Sweater - WomensAventura Belleview Sweater - Womens
Aventura Bienne Legging - WomensAventura Bienne Legging - Womens
Aventura Briarwood Jacket - WomensAventura Briarwood Jacket - Womens
Aventura Hammered Nail Head Belt - Black - WomensAventura Hammered Nail Head Belt - Black - Womens
Aventura Hammered Nail Head Belt - Brown - WomensAventura Hammered Nail Head Belt - Brown - Womens
Aventura Harriet Legging - WomensAventura Harriet Legging - Womens
Aventura Hazel Wrap Dress - WomensAventura Hazel Wrap Dress - Womens
Aventura Heidi Cardigan - WomensAventura Heidi Cardigan - Womens
Aventura Isobel Long Sleeve Top - WomensAventura Isobel Long Sleeve Top - Womens
Aventura Liberty Long Sleeve Top - WomensAventura Liberty Long Sleeve Top - Womens
Aventura Natalie Reversible Skirt - WomensAventura Natalie Reversible Skirt - Womens
Aventura Topanga LS - WomensAventura Topanga LS - Womens
Aventura Weston Cardi - WomensAventura Weston Cardi - Womens
Aventura Wynne LS - WomensAventura Wynne LS - Womens
Aventura - Spring SALE!

Aventura - Spring SALE!

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Aventura Catalina Hi-Low Skirt - WomensAventura Catalina Hi-Low Skirt - Womens
Aventura Mayfield Dress - WomensAventura Mayfield Dress - Womens
Aventura Olsen 3/4 Sleeve Top - WomensAventura Olsen 3/4 Sleeve Top - Womens