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  1. Happy Earth Day from!Happy Earth Day from!

    The Outdoor industry's dedication to natural and organic fibers over the last decade is unprecedented.  And Outdoor Mountain Spirit's committment to supporting it is equally as strong.  In fact, we have a filter set up on our site, so you can specifically purchase only natural and organic fiber items if that's most important to you.

    So, today and everyday we hope you will join us in admiring, supporting and purchasing all natural and organic fibers.  Not only does this support environmentally friendly consumer shopping choices, it also encourages eco-friendly manufacturing practices.  

    Now more than ever, these choices matter.  So Happy Earth Day everyone and may we celebrate 365 days a year!

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  2. Memorial Day Weekend marks many important things.  Most importantly, it is a time to remember all who passed serving our country in the armed forces.  Memorial Day weekend is also a time when folks recognize that Summer is finally here in a big way.  Trips to the mountains, rafting adventures, dinners out with friends, BBQs and more.  And for those of us who love to shop (hello ladies!), it is a time for major savings.
    But no matter what you are observing, enjoy your three day weekend to the fullest and don’t forget to take advantage of all the major savings retailers are offering you this weekend. is no exception.  Get 25% off all New Arrivals through May 31st !

    Memorial Day Sale at now through May 31st!

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  3. We can't think of a better time than summertime to feature skirts, so we have deemed them May's Featured Product.  Below are our new Spring 2016 skirt arrivals.  Long skirts, short skirts, printed skirts, solid skirts and so much more.  Wear our skirts hiking, wear them biking, or sport them poolside or for a long walk on the beach...let's just make sure you wear them. Check them out now and get your groove on this summer!

    Aventura Darby Skirt - WomensAventura
    Darby Skirt
    Price $48.99
    Aventura Finley Skirt - WomensAventura
    Finley Skirt
    Price $58.99
    Toad & Co. Lina Skirt - WomensToad & Co.
    Lina Skirt

    Price $71.99
    Aventura Mallory Skirt - WomensAventura
    Mallory Skirt

    Price $48.99
    Carve Mahalo Skirt - WomensCarve
    Mahalo Skirt
    Sale Price $57.99
    Aventura Quinlee Maxi Skirt - WomensAventura
    Quinlee Maxi Skirt
    Price $74.99
    Royal Robbins Discovery Strider Skirt - WomensRoyal Robbins
    Discovery Strider Skirt 
    Sale Price $63.99
    Royal Robbins Essential Tie Diamond Skirt - WomensRoyal Robbins
    Essential Tie Diamond Skirt
    Sale Price $59.99

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  4. There are lots of fresh, vibrant colors popping for the Summer season.  Quite frankly, we can’t wait to get our hands on them because as of last week it was still snowing here!  One predominant color this Summer is RED.  Red isn’t just meant for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s…Red is a color that literally looks fantastic on most skin tones.  It gives you color and a glow that everyone will stop and notice.  This season’s red color pallete and prints are no exception. 

    To celebrate, we are extending a 20% discount on any RED Spring 2016 items from the collection below. Please use coupon code: REDHOTSUMMER (*cannot be combined with any other offer.  Limited time only.)

    Finley Hoodie
    Finley Skirt
    Bernice Short Sleeve Top
    Jocelyn Dress
    Toad & Co.
    Sama Sama Dress
    Sally Short
    Lina Skirt

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  5. For anyone who knows me personally, you know that I love Chip & Joanna Gaines from HGTV‘s Fixer Upper.  I love their playfulness, I love their talent, I love their love for one another, but above and beyond everything else, I love that they place such an emphasis on the importance of family and that it is 100% authentic, not just for cameras. 
    With all of that said, I was reading Joanna’s blog today, and her ode to all mother’s, particularly this weekend.  I feel like she had a lot of genuinely wonderful things to say and I think it will speak to everyone in different ways.  For me, there was one particular segment that hit me hard and sent me to tears… "when I started writing this post it was all about the joy of motherhood—but when I thought about all the strong moms around me, it didn’t take me long to realize the name “mom” isn’t easy to come by. These mothers have fought infertility, miscarriage or even the loss of a child. So whether you’re a mom right in the middle of raising your babies, or you find yourself in the throes of immense pain—this day is for all of us."
    There are so many unsung heroes in this world, mother’s, stepmother’s, bonus moms, grandmothers, godmothers, soon to be moms, women trying to get pregnant, women who have lost children to a miscarriage(s) or a tragedy, etc.  As women, we bear such emotional weight everyday (and usually not just our own) and we carry as if it is nothing.  It is because of this strength that people often forget to stop and say “I appreciate you and all that you do” and we carry on anyway, because it is like an unsaid motto we share as women…we take care of our own no matter what.
    So for all of those women who take care of you, no matter who they are, real mother or not, we challenge you this Mother’s Day weekend to a gratefulness challenge.  Take 5 minutes out of your day to write down 10 (or more) things you appreciate about that woman/women.  And then share it with them!  Let them know that you notice all of the little things they do for you, not just the grandiose things.  Let them know that you may not express it all the time, but that you love them as unconditionally as they love you.  Thank them for being a pillar of strength in your life, a source of inspiration, a confidante, a voice of reason and so much more.  Your words of appreciation will mean more than any gift you could ever give. And it’s so easy.  So even if it makes you squirm, give the gift of gratefulness this Mother’s Day to those you love. Trust will receive it back tenfold.

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  6. When you think of Spring or Summer you think of vibrant colors and great floral prints that you simply wouldn’t see during the cold weather months.  Spring 2016 is no exception.  Prints range from Tie Dye and Abstract prints to Hawaiian/Foliage and Animal/Snake prints.  We saw them on the runway, and we are seeing them in outdoor fashion just as strongly.  We have fully embraced them and we hope you do too!  So, we’ve put together all of our print and floral trends in one place for you to see:
    Paisley - the traditional paisley is back!

    Tie Dye - tie dye isn't just for hippies anymore!

    Graphic - graphic, vibrant prints make a real statement this Spring!

    Chevron - chevron prints are not just for decorative pillows and lamp shades any more ladies!

    Abstract - it is floral? is it marble? is it tie dye? is it animal print? who knows because it's abstact!

    Hawaiian/Foliage - we have it all...from earthy, organic hues and bold, vibrant colors!

    Stripes - preppy, nautical and everything in between!

    Plaids - lumberjacks beware because plaid isn't what it used to be!

    Southwest - mohave inspired prints are here to stay!

    Animal/Snake - subtle tonal prints still make a statement!

    Floral - big, bold and colorful florals for Spring!


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  7. We recently posted about the new Athleisure trend hitting fashion.  We couldn' think of a better way to follow up than with our library of Athleisure Style Guides.  These ensembles are meant to translate across even the busiest of your days.  From office to cocktail hour, studio to grocery store, hiking trail to lounging at home.  I mean…finding clothes that versatile is a tall order.  Leave it to the outdoor industry to bring their A-game.  We’ve handed selected our favorites from our top brands to bring straight to you, and we couldn’t be happier about the outfits we have put together. 

    Athleisure Style Guide Library

    So when you aren’t quite sure what you need to conquer your day, look no further than’s Style Guides!

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  8. As adventure enthusiasts, we love taking inspiration from the outdoors in everything we do.  This Spring is no exception.  Our favorite brands  have many fresh and vibrant colors for Spring, Blues & Greens are a standout trend for our new arrivals this season.  Reminding us of clear skies and open meadows, Blues, Greens and bluey-greens are a wonderful addition to your outdoor sportswear wardrobe.  And don’t forget to mix and match them for a wonderfully earthy outfit. So get shopping now and enjoy! 



    Check them out here!
    Ashby Maxi Dress
    Royal Robbins
    Oasis Pullover
    Toad & Co.
    Palmira Dress
    Toad & Co.
    Lina Pant
    Royal Robbins
    Sunset Dress
    Royal Robbins
    Marly Roll Up Short
    Royal Robbins
    Discovery Strider Skirt

    Pippa Sweater
    Mallory Skirt
    Mallory Dress

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  9. April is the Month of Beach & Sun!  We have hand selected current and past Spring styles perfectly styled for the Beach and Outdoor Sun Lifestyle.  Whether you are lounging by the pool and need the perfect cover up, or want the best looking outfit for casually walking down the beach, we’ve got you covered.  Do you want to take a hike on your favorite trail or need something for your next river trip?  We’ve got you covered there too!  So outdoor women around the world…here our call….we have wonderful options for your every summer activity.  Shop now and get your Spring wardrobe on track!

    Royal Robbins
    Sunset Dress
    Royal Robbins
    Marly Roll Up Short
    Toad & Co.
    Lina Skirt

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  10. While it doesn't yet feel like Spring is here yet (it was snowing all week here), we definitely know it is around the corner soon.  As Spring/Summer New Arrivals continue to flood into our warehouse, there have been some stand out trends happening and we thought we'd bring them to light here!

    Summer Sweaters
    Lightweight sweaters – long sleeve and sleeveless – in neutral colors.
    Royal Robbins
    Tupelo Twist Sweater
    Toad & Co.
    Summery Sleeveless Sweater
    Performance Fabrics
    Shorts & pants  styled to look ready for the street, but truly designed to conquer the elements.
    Royal Robbins
    Jammer Pant
    Toad & Co.
    Jetlite Short
    Royal Robbins
    Discovery Strider Skirt
    Plaid Tunics
    Beautiful colors that defy traditional plaid stereotypes.  Lightweight fabrics that mean even ¾ or full sleeves are still completely comfortable in warmer temps.
    Toad & Co.
    Airbrush Tunic
    Royal Robbins
    Oasis Plaid Pullover
    Unique Floral Prints
    What woman doesn’t love a well designed floral design?  Vibrant colors mixed with organic neutrals create a wonderful pallet for your sun kissed skin.
    Rachel Dress
    Toad & Co.
    Rosemarie Dress
    Who doesn’t want to wear linen in the summertime?!
    Toad & Co.
    Lina Skirt
    Royal Robbins
    Tupelo Twist Sweater
    Toad & Co.
    Lina Pant
    Do you remember the days when zip off pants where the biggest trend and people literally thought their minds were blown?  Those days are far behind us because outdoor brands continue to design items that can be worn in a variety of ways.  Perfect for traveling or just for every day use…one piece, at least 2 different ways is still brilliant!
    Royal Robbins
    Jammer Pant
    Royal Robbins
    Marly Roll Up Short
    Royal Robbins
    Noe Short Sleeve Tee
    Toad & Co.
    Lina Pant

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  11. Spring is just around the corner.  No literally people, it starts next week!  And even though it is still dumping snow outside my window right now, temps are going to rise, roads will dry out, flowers will begin to spring from the ground, road bikes will swarm the roads, mountain bikers will be at the ready, trail runs will be on everyone’s daily to do list and so much more.  Just thinking about it is getting me excited! 
    With Spring comes our New Arrivals and we couldn’t be happier to kick off the warm weather season with new apparel and accessories from Aventura.  Aventura embraces the cool shades of coral and turquoise as well as earthy tones of reds and taupes this season for a well rounded offering of apparel for the quintessential outdoor woman.

    Come join us as we kick off the Spring season.  And make sure to check back regularly because New Arrivals will continue coming into our warehouse!


    Pippa Sweater
    Mallory Dress
    Finley Hoodie
    Finley Skirt

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  12. Ok, so when I help people go through their closet, one of the guidelines that I give them about how to plan out a successful wardrobe is the 80/20 rule.  80% should be essential, versatile and functional pieces that can easily be part of capsule collections.  20% can be luxury/trendy items that can easily and affordably be switched out from season to season.  Here are some great deals on those luxury/trendy accessories that can help make your outfit pop and add a dose of uber cool to your wardrobe…'s Best Fashion Accessories Under $25:
    Darn Tough Waterlily No Show - WomensDarn Tough Waterlily No Show - Womens
    Sale Price $12.99

    Darn Tough Cosmo Crew - WomensDarn Tough Cosmo Crew - Womens
    Sale Price $16.99
    Darn Tough Farmers Market No Show - WomensDarn Tough Farmers Market No Show - Womens
    Sale Price $12.99
    Darn Tough Flower Power Shorty - WomensDarn Tough Flower Power Shorty - Womens
    Sale Price $14.50
    Darn Tough Good Witch Crew Sock - Bonnie Boysenberry - WomensDarn Tough Good Witch Crew Sock - Bonnie Boysenberry - Womens
    Sale Price $15.99
    Darn Tough Good Witch Crew Sock - Poppy Plum - WomensDarn Tough Good Witch Crew Sock - Poppy Plum - Womens
    Sale Price $15.99
    Darn Tough Hula Hoop Crew Sock - Light Gray - WomensDarn Tough Hula Hoop Crew Sock - Light Gray - Womens
    Sale Price $17.99
    Darn Tough Knee Hi Bouquet Sock - Pewter - WomensDarn Tough Knee Hi Bouquet Sock - Pewter - Womens
    Sale Price $17.99
    Darn Tough Knee Hi Mini Stripe Sock - Cassis - WomensDarn Tough Knee Hi Mini Stripe Sock - Cassis - Womens
    Sale Price $17.99
    Darn Tough Knee-Hi City Block Sock - Rose - WomensDarn Tough Knee-Hi City Block Sock - Rose - Womens
    Sale Price $17.99
    Darn Tough Knee-Hi City Block Sock - Teal - WomensDarn Tough Knee-Hi City Block Sock - Teal - Womens
    Sale Price $17.99
    Darn Tough Offset Stripe Crew Sock - Dijon - WomensDarn Tough Offset Stripe Crew Sock - Dijon - Womens
    Sale Price $15.99
    Darn Tough Offset Stripe Crew Sock - Nightshade - WomensDarn Tough Offset Stripe Crew Sock - Nightshade - Womens
    Sale Price $15.99
    Darn Tough Pin Dots Shorty - WomensDarn Tough Pin Dots Shorty - Womens
    Sale Price $14.50
    Darn Tough Sassy Stripe Crew - WomensDarn Tough Sassy Stripe Crew - Womens
    Sale Price $16.99
    Darn Tough Tulip Shorty Sock - Fuschia - WomensDarn Tough Tulip Shorty Sock - Fuschia - Womens
    Sale Price $13.99
    Horny Toad Slide Rule Belt - WomensHorny Toad Slide Rule Belt - Womens
    Sale Price $14.25
    Horny Toad Bind One On Belt - WomensHorny Toad Bind One On Belt - Womens
    Sale Price $22.99
    Pistil Avery Infinity Scarf - WomensPistil Avery Infinity Scarf - Womens
    Sale Price $23.99

    Pistil Ranger Hat - WomensPistil Ranger Hat - Womens
    Sale Price $19.50

    Sweet Marcel Cecilia Knee High Sock - WomensSweet Marcel Cecilia Knee High Sock - Womens
    Sale Price $9.99

    Sweet Marcel Jane Over the Knee Sock - WomensSweet Marcel Jane Over the Knee Sock - Womens
    Sale Price $9.99

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  13. Since we’ve been talking about great deals, we only find it fitting to follow up with another post about budget friendly bottoms.  You may think it is impossible to find pants, leggings or capris for under $50, but not at!  We are bringing you spectacular, out of this world savings on some of winters best styles and you still have time to rock them!  And regardless of price, we continue to offer only the best selection of bottoms this side of the internet.  So what are you waiting for?  Hurry now and save big while inventory lasts.  Spring 2016 styles are headed to our warehouse shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for even more extraordinary offerings this month!'s Most Stylish Bottoms Under $50:

    Toad & Co.
    Printed Lean Legging

    Available in 2 Fab Prints!

    Toad & Co.
    Cordelia Pant

    Ladies Legging

    Carve Designs
    Talora Tights

    Floral Legging

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  14. Let's face it, we all love a good deal.  Some of us will go to lengths to find the best deal possible; scouring the internet, shopping mass retail discounters, trolling ebay and filling up your watch list hoping everyone else will be distracted at precisely the moment you click your last bid.  Whatever lengths you go to, know that is an easy place to shop the best deals on top outdoor apparel and accessory brands.  Our Winter Sale has started and we have amazing deals on tops and sweaters under $50.  Buy them for yourself or buy them as a gift and know that you have saved on the cream of the crop outdoor pieces that are brand new; Not worn and tossed aside by your favorite ebay store, not shipped out of season to a mass discounter, but offered up to our customers at great end of season prices that will lighten your wallet and seriously up your style quotient. 
 's Most Stylish Tops Under $50:
    Erin Long Sleeve Top
    Floral Long Sleeve Crew
    Carve Designs
    Bowen Long Sleeve
    Carve Designs
    Sutra Long Sleeve
    Lynn Performance Top
    Mable Tunic Sweater
    Royal Robbins
    Manu Tunic Sweater
    Royal Robbins
    Multi-Boucle Sweater Vest
    Royal Robbins
    Noe Vee Long Sleeve
    Toad & Co.
    Lightheart Long Sleeve
    Toad & Co.
    Swifty Performance Top

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  15. February’s Featured Product is Sweaters & Cardigans…As we end the winter season on a high note, we should always be draped in the most fashion forward, comfy and warm sweaters and cardigans.  Our staff picked out our Top 5 favorite sweater styles for the season below…be careful…we promise you will have sweater envy once you read this post!

    Wrap Sweater Vest

    Wrap It Up Sweater Vest
    Who doesn't look good in a wrap sweater vest?!  They are comfortable, practical and are complimentary for a variety of body types.  In addition, they make a wonderful travel piece which can be added or taken away throughout the day to transform an outfit based on activity, temperature, etc. Check out these beauties! 

    Reversible Sweater

    Sammy Sweater
    Wardrobe items that are reversible are simply transformational.  Use these reversible pieces for can wear it two different ways on two different days, or even on the same day, and still look like you've altered your look.  Simply brilliant!
    Sammy Sweater Reversed

    Car Coat

    Royal Robbins
    Maya Car Coat
    Car coats have made a re-surgence and we couldn't be happier.  They are one of the most versatile, comfortable sweaters your can own. Wear it as a coat, wear it as a layer over a long sleeve, wear it zippered up with a pair of leggings, you name it, it will look good!
    Carve Designs
    Hooded Alamosa Car Coat

    Military Inspired Long Cardigan

    Toad & Co.
    Alma Long Cardigan
    Military inspired anything always seems to be on trend these days.   Wear this as a long cardigan, or as a piece of outerwear and its simple yet striking military details will be sure to be turning heads.

    Sleeveless Tunic

    Tosia Sweater Tunic
    Sleeveless Sweater Tunics are all the rage right now. Layer them over your favorite long sleeves and you are runway ready.  These styles each have different necklines so you can switch up your look on a moments notice!
    Royal Robbins
    Manu Sweater Tunic

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  16. There is no better time for the après ski scene than when temperatures start to warm up and we are on the verge of spring skiing.  And no mater what the temperature, we all want to look good when we finish on the slopes and head to happy hour.  Whether you are looking for a quick change on the fly, or want something easy to grab when you get back to your car or condo to slip into, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our Winter Wonders Style Guides now and get styled to the nines for your après ski scene.  Cheers!

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  17. The term Athleisure is being thrown around almost as much as who is going to win the Super Bowl (Go Broncos!) or what pants Cam Newton is going to wear next (I mean....R.E.A.L.L.Y.).  What is it?  How is it relevant?  Why should you buy it?  These are all burning questions that many of you want to know and we are here to break it down for you!
    According to Wikipedia, Athleisure  is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions.[1][2]  The idea is that "gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes".[3] By some accounts, the athleisure trend grew out of women wearing yoga pants.[6] Another account suggests that the trend came about because people could wear them for multiple occasions without having to change, which meant greater convenience, since people did not have to carry an extra gym outfit on the way to the office, for example.[3]
    Women are multi-taskers and wear so many hats during any given day.  Entrepreneur, employee, mom, sister, aunt, athlete, volunteer, and the list goes on.  When you are trying to be all things to all people (don’t forget yourself ladies!), you simply don’t have time for multiple wardrobe changes…save it for the runway models that get paid for that s*&t!  Just like you need a toilet that can answer your emails,  your clothes need to be versatile and serve multiple needs throughout your day. You don’t have time to be chained to your laundry machine washing 18,000 garmets each week.  You also know that life is short, and you don’t have time to waste…when the yoga studio calls, don’t miss it because you don’t have time to run home and change.  That is where athleisure comes in!
    Check out our newest Shop By Activity Category…..drum roll please….ATHLEISURE!

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    Wikipedia References
    1.     ^ Jump up to:a b Elizabeth Holmes, May 5, 2015, Wall Street Journal, Athleisure: A Workout Look for Every Occasion, Retrieved May 6, 2015, "...athletic-inspired, casual look..."
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    3.     ^ Jump up to:a b c d Sam Sanders, APRIL 08, 2015, NPR, For The Modern Man, The Sweatpant Moves Out Of The Gym, Retrieved May 6, 2015, "...growing trend called "athleisure."... sales of athleisure apparel were more than $35 billion last year..."

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  18. Want some really great ideas for Valentine's Day this year?!  We are full of them!  In fact, we dedicated an entire Pinterest Board just to this topic so we can help you reduce the stress and anxiety of planning for your big romantic day.  We've covered everything from Date Night Ideas to Romantic Recipes, cute DIY gifts to Free Printables.  Don't worry girls...we've got you covered in a big way.

    And if you need help dressing for your big date night, let us help you style an outfit for that extra pop of color.  If there is one thing you deserve on Valentine's Day is to feel great about yourself.  And if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriends...we have gift cards in a variety of budget friendly options!

    So Happy (early) Valentine's Day from us to you....XOXO... we love you guys!

    Show Your Love Pinterest Board

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  19. January’s Featured Product Category is Long Sleeves, so we only thought it fitting to discuss our long sleeve options today...

    Winter temps bring out your best layering options.  There is no better layering option than the long sleeve.  Wear it under sweaters, wear it under vests, wear it as  a stand alone…just under your favorite jacket.  Or perhaps your long sleeve is an overlayer like a zip neck or button up that adds extra warmth to your cold weather wardrobe.  Whatever you wear, wear it well and make it count!  Here are our favorite long sleeves for the season:

    The Perfect Twist on the Standard Basic Tee

    Lightheart Long Sleeve – great color options,  great design detail at the cuffs and on the back, can be worn like a basic but doesn’t look like one, great stand alone or layering piece.
    Erin Long Sleeve – great basic colors, faux wrap look and ruching at hip give it extra pizazz over your standard basic, great stand alone or layering piece.
    Noe Vee Long Sleeve – great color palette this winter in Blackberry, literally a twist on a basic tee with a wonderful collar/neck detail, great stand alone or layering piece
    Bowen Long Sleeve – another great twist on a basic, the banded bottom, shirring and cowl neck on this long sleeve make it  wonderful stand alone piece.  The turquoise color palette is also super on point this season!
    The Perfect Add On

    Dylan Button Up Long Sleeve – excellent shaping and perfect for layering over your favorite tees and under your favorite jacket or vest
    Performance Layers

    Floral Crew Long Sleeve – wonderful base layer to follow you through any winter activity, and the floral jacquard pattern is beautiful
    Floral Zip Long Sleeve - wonderful performance layer to follow you through any winter activity and the floral pattern is a great feminine touch, you could even layer this over your floral crew for a perfectly matched layered look
    Swifty Long Sleeve  – great color palette for this winter, wonderful performance layer to follow you from the gym to the slopes
    Lynn Long Sleeve – we love the vibrant color options for this performance layer, stylishly wear this for any winter adventure
    Performance or Everyday Piece – You Choose!

    Sutra Long Sleeve – so stylish that it can worn as a performance or an everyday piece, great color options in great organic, neutral heathered patterns
    Desolate Long Sleeve Pullover – we love tops that are so versatile you can wear them to the office or under your ski jacket!
    Lopez Long Sleeve Pullover – like the Desolate, this is a wonderful stand alone or performance piece.  The textured fabric and perfect color option make this a no brainer.

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  20. Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  And Red is the color of choice.  Red is passionate and vibrant and brings a life to any outfit.  And literally EVERY woman looks wonderful draped in it.  So here are a few of our favorite Style Guides with our favorite Red pieces to help you achieve that perfect Valentine's Day look.   If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out our RED Color Board on Pinterest! could just invest in one of our fantastic Valentine's Day inspired Gift Cards!

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  21. Fall/Winter clothing brings on a whole new realm of colors and inspiration for your wardrobe.  This year is no slouch when it comes to interesting colors and color combinations that are earthy yet vibrant.  Here are this season’s hottest color trends in outdoor clothing:
    Blue/greens were a standout this season when selecting items for  The cool, calming properties make it a go to for your wardrobe.  Mix and match this beautiful hue for a wonderful capsule collection, or combine it with the purples and rusts that are also hot this season for a wonderful jewel tone effect.
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Cactus
    ·      Evergreen
    ·      Blue Spruce
    ·      Ocean Depths
    ·      Spruce
    ·      Marine
    ·      Mint
    ·      Teal
    ·      Zuni Turquoise Stripe

    For our full collection of Turquoise offerings, click here!
    Purple signifies luxury and nobility.  It comes in many hues and can be very rich or very cool.  Either way, it should be part of your wardrobe this season to give it that extra vibrancy during the darker, cooler months. 
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Tyrian Purple
    ·      Blackberry
    ·      Mulberry
    ·      Wild Aster
    ·      Fig

    For our full collection of Purple offerings, click here!

    Rusts, Reds and Rusty Reds are a hot topic this season.  Found in everything from stripes to corduroy texture, we couldn’t be more pleased to have this part of the winter color palette.  Red signifies passion and adventure and definitely captures attention.  So if you are looking for a show stopping piece or outfit this season, this is it!
    Names vary and include:
    ·      Red
    ·      Molten Stripe
    ·      Bordeaux
    ·      Salsa
    ·      Cabernet
    ·      Spice
    ·      Sienna
    ·      Sunset
    ·      Winetasting

    For our full collection of Red/Rust offerings, click here!

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  22. Wrap, shawl, poncho…and the list goes on of this season's SUPER HOT trend.  They are everywhere!  On the street, on the runway…and they should be in your closet!  Gone are the days of only having structured, form fitting outfits.  People are finally embracing stylish comfort. 
    There are so many benefits to these great wardrobe essentials:
    • They are the perfect layering piece.  Layer the over a tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve top or sweater depending on the weather.  Either way they are sure to keep you warm and cozy during the cold weather season.
    • They can be worn a variety of ways.  Wear your poncho loose or belt it!   Wear your wrap open or belted.  Wear your shawl like a large scarf or wrap it casually over your shoulders.
    • They are the perfect travel companion.  Because these items can be worn in a variety of ways, they are perfect for traveling.  They are also loose and comfortable, perfect for the constant activities surrounding your itinerary.  And, they are made from fabrics that resist wrinkling which is so important when traveling.
    • They make wonderful gifts for all of your girlfriends as one size fits all!
    • They are ON TREND, keeping your wardrobe fresh and stylish.​
    Kavu Pretty Poncho
    Just as its name states, this poncho is pretty!  We sold out of these in 2014 and couldn’t wait to get them back in stock in this seasons’ Heathered Black.  It literally goes with everything.
    Kavu Wrap It Cardi
    The Wrap It Cardi is a sleeveless take on the Pretty Poncho.  It can be worn loose and open or belted with the self fabric belt.  Available in 2 great neutral colors, it will literally layer over anything in your existing closet.
    Royal Robbins Lindsey Wrap Cardigan
    This amazing piece was designed to be worn in a multitude of ways.  So no matter what you have planned for the day, it will fit the bill.

    Royal Robbins Boucle Sweater Vest
    Another sleeveless wrap in a great knobby boucle fabric.  Available in a wonderful neutral color and another jewel tone option, its cozy and on point this season.
    Royal Robbins 3 Season Wrap
    Wool and Yak blend to make a luxurious wrap that is a must have accessory.  Layer it over your favorite top or wrap it over your favorite outerwear and make a statement.
    Royal Robbins Mystic Shawl
    Reversible and fabulous, this is our most cost effective option available!

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  23. The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is here!  Yet again, we have put our favorite deals in simple, easy to use, one stop shopping pages especially for your holiday shopping needs. 
    • Gifts Under $50:  Need a budget friendly gift for a friend or family member?!  All of our items under $50 are listed in one great place for you to choose from.  We have even gone as far as to break them into categories for the easiest shopping experience possible!
    • Gift Sets:  Need some great items that pair well together and scream holiday cheer?!  Well, we’ve got you covered this holiday season with the crème de la crème of accessory sets.  And….we are even offering an additional 15% discount on gift sets with coupon code: omsGIFTset
    Here is just a taste of what our favorites are this season...

    Gifts Under $50

    Toad & Co. Cardamon Cardi
    Dresses & Skirts
    Cedar Skirt
    Carve Designs
    Everly Pant

    Gifts Sets - take an additional 15% discount with coupon code: omsGIFTset

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  24. If there is one thing I know about outdoor women, it is that they love a great hat.  Hats go with you from the grocery store to the slopes and from the après ski scene even to the office. Not only do hats keep you warm, they make an outfit feel and appear complete.  Hats can give your style a little extra edge, or stylishly cover up a really bad hair day.  This season, there are so many different styles to choose from – fitted, slouchy, pom poms, felted, embellished, embroidered, and more… Not only has collected the top hat trends in one place, we’ve also made recommendations depending upon your style needs.  You’re welcome ;)
    2015 Fall Hat Trends To Shop Now:
    1.    Knit Brim Hats – Knit brim hats have been an ongoing trend.  They frame your face in a slightly different way than a traditional beanie.  And they add dimension and style unlike any other hat.

    Pistil Designs Karma Knit Brim Hat
    Pistil Designs Clover Knit Hat

    2.    Wide Brim Hats – Wide brimmed hats and floppy hats abound on the runway this season.  They bring a style and sophistication to your outfit that a knit winter hat just can’t match.  Choose from classic or more bohemian styles here!
    Aventura Modena Hat
    Pistil Soho Broad Brim Fedora

    3.    Beanies – Fitted or slouchy, pom pom or no pom pom, beanies are hotter than ever.  We have a mix of all those styles.  Choose a fitted beanie for a more sporty look.  Choose an extra slouchy style for your casual look or even just lounging around the house.
    Pistil Remix Slouch Style Beanie
    Pistil Imelda Slouch Style Beanie
    Pistil Foxie Slouch Style Beanie
    Kavu Hazel Beanie

    4.    Caps –Who said you should only wear a baseball cap or trucker hat during the summer?  Winter caps are brilliant and made with winter weight materials and embroidery that match the season.  These caps are for more casual settings but will steal the show nonetheless.
    Pistil Pharis Trucker Hat
    Pistil Stevie Winter Ball Cap

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  25. What is a capsule collection, you ask?  Well, according to Wikipedia... a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, which can be augmented with seasonal pieces. We recommend you do this by season so that you have a nice, compact and even better – travel ready – wardrobe for each season.  Everything should blend together nicely which keeps your style cohesive.
    Top Tips for a Creating a Capsule Collection:

    1. Don't ignore the basics – Basic tees and tanks for Spring/Summer, basic long sleeves for Fall/Winter.  And remember that basics don’t have to be just some boring tee.  But they do need to be something that can coordinate back with lots of items.  Example: Aventura Erin Long Sleeve has great ruching and a wonderful wrap detail.  It can be used as a stand alone or a layering piece in white/black under lots of cardigans, sweaters, tunics and so on.
    2. Neutrals – By this we don’t mean that your wardrobe has to be nothing but white, off white, gray or black.  By all means if that is what you like, go for it, but there are so many other items that will match back with lots of things.  Example: Carve Whitman Slim Pant in Midnight.  With its dark wash, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  It’s not denim, but looks like it could be, and the fit on this pant is comfortable and flattering.
    3. Travel ready pieces – Travel ready pieces are great because they coordinate with so many things and can be worn over and over again without worry about wrinkles, etc  Example: Kavu Pretty Poncho and Kavu Wrap It Up Cardi.  These can be layered over leggings, pants, skirts and dresses.
    4. Trendy Items – Let yourself buy a few trendy items each season.  It keeps your wardrobe fresh and current.  And with some trends lasting longer and longer these days, it helps ease some pressure on your bank account but still lets you look stylish every season. Example: Kavu Deva Dress in Military Camo Print or even Toad & Co.’s Printed Lean Legging in Camo or Tyrian Purple.
    5. Accessories – You can change up the look of each outfit by accessorizing.  And outdoor women love a great hat, scarf or pair of mitts.  Let’s face it, we wear them to run errands, during activities, on the après ski scene and sometimes even at work.
    For inspiration, we’ve set up some great capsule collections for Fall.
    Capsule Collection I - Fall 2015 - a great collection of whites, ivories, grays and blacks
    Capsule Collection II - Fall 2015 - a spectacular mix of purples and turquoises
    Capsule Collection III - Fall 2015 - off white, blues and deep purples create a wonderful color palette
    Capsule Collection IV - Fall 2015 - reds, whites, blacks and plaids!
    Capsule Collection V - Fall 2015 - neutrals, turquoises and rusts abound
    Capsule Collection VI - Fall 2015 - comfy, nubby knits in rich, organic colors
    Capsule Collection VII - Fall 2015 - off whites, browns and great coordinating neutrals

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  26. Ok folks, Fall brings on a slew of trends, some of them on point, some of them questionable.  It is our job to help weed through the outdoor fashion clutter to help you arrive at the most trend setting pieces you can find from your favorite brands.  And that is where the OMS Trend Report comes in!  

    This week....Plaids.  Now if you had asked me years ago if I ever thought I would say that plaids are ok, I would have called you crazy.  But they have been ever present in the outdoor industry and they are no longer lumber jack-tastic.  They are carefully placed on feminine silhouettes to give even the most extreme outdoor enthusiast a touch of class and edge.  
    For a bit of history… Plaid, or Tartan, as we know it today, is not thought to have existed in Scotland before the 16th century. For centuries the tartan pattern was associated with fabric weavers of a particular area.  However, it quickly became linked with political and military rebellion efforts against England which led to a ban on tartans.  The ban was repealed in 1782, and the King George IV created a sudden demand for tartan cloth after a visit to Scotland, making it the national dress of Scotland.
    Tartans then became featured in high society fashion and have since had a resurgence in fashion throughout the ages.  Most notably, it was part of punk fashion in the late 1970’s and grunge fashion in the 1990’s.  In this way, plaid again became an expression of anti-establishment and societal discontent. 
    While modern day designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, have utilized plaids in their runway fashion, and the Burberry Brand has established plaid as iconic luxury, we may always associate plaid with a bit of edgy rebellion as well.
    Perhaps this is why the outdoor industry has so long embraced the tartan.  Perhaps this is why we will continue to embrace it. From classic flannel styles to hip vests and whimsical skirts, the plaid trend is front and center this season. Check out our full offering of plaids below, and the next time you slip into your favorite plaid piece, give a nod to its history and make it your own personal expression of style!  

    OMS Trend Report - PLAIDS!

    Campout Vest

    Jurnee Shirt Dress

    Dylan Long Sleeve

    Wynne Long Sleeve

    Cedar Skirt

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  27. It seems like summer came and went with the blink of an eye this year, but Fall is our favorite time of year and so we are enjoying the leaves turning color.  That said, believe it or not Colorado it is almost ski season!  Fall and winter weather clothing are starting to creep out of the closet and you may need to make a major overhaul on your closets.  

    Here are some recommendations for the sometimes dreaded seasonal switchover:

    1. If you have the space, separate your Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer wardrobes into 2 closets.  This helps the switchover because you merely switch the locations of your items, or you can simply switch the location to which you source them from.
    2. If you don't have the space for 2 separate locations based on the season, we recommend setting up a floor to ceiling system that works for you.  Spring/Summer items should be rotated up to the higher locations that you use less often, but are still accessible for you if you need to access them.  Fall/Winter items should be rotated to your primary closet space so you can readily grab what you need.
    3. When you set up your new items, turn hanging items backwards.  This way, as you go through the season,  you can visually see what you are wearing, and what you are NOT wearing.  This is key in helping you "purge" or "de-clutter" your closet from season to season.
    4. Use see through bins.  Put that lids on the bin full of flip flops that you don't need until next season and stash them up high.  Take down the bin of hats and scarves and put it in its place.  By keeping everything transparent, it takes the stress out of the switchover process.
    5. Contact your local consignment store and see when they are accepting Fall/Winter items and get them in early!  The earlier you get them in, the better chance you have of getting the most money back. 
    6.  If you are purging, my favorite thing to do is to reward myself.  For any item coming in, there has to be at least one item that has gone out.  That said folks, don't re-clutter your life!  If you have too many clothes, perhaps for every 2-3 items out, you can reward yourself with one item in.  Make the challenge fun and rewarding for yourself.
    ​For all of your new Fall/Winter clothing needs, look no further than!

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  28. New Arrivals for Fall are here!  We couldn't be more excited to kick off the Fall season with new arrivals from Carve Designs.  Our first shipment includes sumptuous, active fabrics that can be used for running, lounging, running errands and more.  In fact, someone here in our office has been wearing her Talora Hoodie and Talora Tights from the moment they arrived at our doorstep.  She says, "Not only do they look great, they feel phenomenal...almost like pjs!  And my boyfriend loves the way this outfit hugs all of my curves."  We can always rely on Carve Designs for well designed, high quality performance pieces.  That being said, we will have more of their sportswear arriving shortly as well as lots of other products from our favorite brands, so check in with us reguarly because this Fall will definitely not disappoint.

    New Arrivals at
    new arrivals, carve designs new arrivals, fall 2015 new arrivals
    New Staff Favs....
    Carve Talora Hoodie Carve Sutra Tee Carve Everly Pant

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  29. August is Lifestyle Month at!  That means, we are highlighting all of the wonderful apparel and accessory items that will easily and seamlessly take you from day to night.  Don't know what to wear at the office, need inspiration? We've got you covered.  Need a great top or outfit for a night out?  We've got you covered.  Want to show off your feminine side? We've got you covered for that too.  We've set up a one stop shopping experience for all of it, so get ready ladies!

    Not only that, but we are putting more "Sophisticated Lady" Style Guides together for you.  The Sophisticated Lady is the perfect icon for Lifestyle Month...she's cool, relaxed and elegant all rolled into one.  She's the one at the office or at cocktail hour that turns heads because everyone in the room wants to be dressed like her.  So take our style advice this month and beyond and you won't regret it!

    August is Lifestyle Month!

    Sophisticated Lady Style Guides!

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  30. We cannot believe it is already August.  Where does summer go?!  Every year, it feels like it is gone before it even starts and we always feel like our summer bucket lists are barely scratched.  

    But, as summer draws to a close and we start to prep for kids going to back to school, cooler temps, different schedules, etc., we take time to reflect back on all that we have been able to do these few short months.  From weddings to trade shows, SUPing, camping, hiking and other fun adventures to awe inspiring wildlife encounters and BBQs with great friends, we've packed a lot into our often times chaotic schedule.  And it is those moments and memories that we are forever grateful for.  

    So as we get closer to the Fall season, and our brand partners are calling us about Fall shipments (coming soon!), let's celebrate what's left of summer!  We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to offer fantastic savings on Spring 2015 styles.  Consider it our gift to you for being fantastic and loyal customers.

    Cheers to what is left of summer and cheers to you!

  31. July at is Lounge-tastic!  We are celebrating all things Lounge & Leisure including our Lounge Lizard Style Guides that help you put all of those fantastic lounge pieces together into great outfits suitable for loafing on the couch, or heading out on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.  So take this opportunity to shop all of our Lounge & Leisure items in one, easy place and finally relax the way you deserve to this summer. We hope you enjoy!



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  32. If there is one thing we love about the summer season, is that there are so many versatile clothes available, particularly for the outdoor woman. We have hand selected our favorite pieces from 10 different categories for the perfect capsule collection for summertime sun and adventure. Mix and Match your favorites, or reference our Style Guides for the creme de la creme looks in outdoor, active womens clothing that serves style and function like none other.

    1.     The Perfect Hat
    Pistil McKinley Trucker Hat Pistil Ranger Cap Pistil Josephine Fedora

    2.     Great, Versatile Scarf
    Pistil Avery Scarf Pistil Solange Scarf Pistil Esme Scarf

    3.     Socks That Go the Extra Mile
    Darn Tough Farmers Market No Show Darn Tough Pin Dots Shorty Darn Tough Sassy Stripe Crew

    4.  Active Skirts
    Carve Designs Seaside Skirt Toad & Co. Chaka Skirt Kavu Stella Skirt

    5.  Dresses that Move
    Carve Designs Gansett Dress Toad & Co Long Island Maxi Dress Kavu Jocelyn Dress

     6.  Convertible Pant
    Royal Robbins Terra Hiker Pant Royal Robbins Cool Mesh Pant Royal Robbins Breeze Thru Culotte

    7.  The "It" Short
    Carve Designs Oahu Short Carve Designs Lanikai Short Royal Robbins Strider Stretch Short

    8.  The Essential Tee
    Royal Robbins Noe Short Sleeve Toad & Co Slubstripe Vee Tee Aventura Imogen Tee

    9.   Lightweight Long Sleeve
    Carve Designs Dylan Gauze Top Royal Robbins Noe 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Royal Robbins Essential Tencel Cowl

     10.  The Perfect Cardigan/Hoodie
    Aventura Everly Hoodie Carve Designs Anderson Cardigan Aventura Lantana Hoodie

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  33. The rain has started to dissipate here, the valley is green and the sun is baking my skin and making it feel like summer.  We can finally get back outdoors to enjoy all of those things we love - trail running, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, camping, hiking and more.  These are all things we love about this season, which is why we've chosen to make June the Month of Outdoor & Adventure.  We have put all of our favorite Outdoor & Adventure style products in one place for a one-stop shopping experience for your next outdoor adventure.  We will also be posting new Style Guides under the category Outdoor Woman, which provide stylish outfits for the woman who heads outdoors on the regular.  And, last but not least, we will be adding lots of fun pins to our outdoor boards around themes like trail running, mountain biking, glamping and more!  So join us for a fantastic celebration of all things outdoor this is, after all, the entire motivation behind!



    Trail Running & Inspiration
    to Get Moving! 
    Get Dirty:
    Mountain Biking
    Glamorous Camping
    More Glamping:
    More Glamorous Camping

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  34. May is the Month of Beach & Sun at  That said, there has been no “beach going” or even any sun to speak of in Colorado.  In fact, it snowed here in Steamboat yesterday and this morning I had to scrape ice off my car before going to the gym.  What is that all about?! 
    It makes us long for days when you can feel the hot sun baking your skin and there is not a single cloud in the sky.  Those are the days when weather isn’t keeping you inside, but it is the main motivator for getting you outside and active.  Long runs on dry trails, girls mountain bike rides filled with sweat and laughs, swimming at the local watering hole, road biking until you can no longer feel your bum because the ride is just too beautiful to ignore…and so much more.
    Hopefully we can provide you with plenty of inspiration for your Beach & Sun adventures that are on the horizon.   And if it isn’t already, may the sun soon kiss your tanned skin and makes you smile from the inside out.




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  35. How can you seamlessly balance work, private time, fitness, family, meals, dishes, laundry and everyone else’s activities day in and day out?  Well, sometimes feeling like a great mom can seem like an impossible feat.  And it can be really easy to compare yourself to other moms who seemingly manage everything with ease.  Moms can be extremely critical of themselves, which is why days like Mother’s Day are so important to celebrate Moms around the world who selflessly give of themselves to make their children and their family feel special and supported.  Whether you have chosen to buy Mom flowers, make her breakfast, buy or make her a card or pamper all day long, know that your minor or major sentiment will be carried in your Mother’s heart for years to come. 
    In celebration of Mother’s Day, we have put together some wonderful Pins to help your Mother feel like a Queen for the day…!  If you would like to chime in, we are always open to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

    OMS Pinterest Board: Mother's Day

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  36. As April and Athletic Apparel month starts to come to a close, we look back at our athletic performance for the month.  This month has been all about pushing ourselves to new limits.  In fact, this month I had a few very humbling fitness moments… 
    This week, I took advantage of a nicer day to go for a run.  We have some big, long, technical runs planned this summer and I need to start getting back into cardiovascular shape and increasing my distance now before those runs creep up on me.  I went for a short, but really hilly run, and thought half way through – “gosh, I feel horrible and I can’t wait until I am back in shape and able to run longer distances like it is nothing”.  But I can’t focus on chapter 12 when I’m on chapter 1.  So I got home, sat down at my computer and started planning out the rest of my mileage workouts based on our planned runs this summer.  Bring it on!
    And then today, I had a moment during my workout where I wondered if I could go any further.  It was as much a mental workout as it was a physical one.  Exercises were challenging, the reps were high, and there was virtually no recovery time.  I broke down at one point…and then I took a deep breath and got it together.  I stopped looking at everyone else around me struggling (which made it worse for me), I stopped looking at the workout as impossible, and I started strategizing how to get through it by breaking it up into smaller intervals and celebrated completing those intervals…and then I finished!
    We all have limits, but the important thing is to set goals and strive for them.  Some of them may be trying to complete a mile run or walk, or finding the courage to get back into the gym.  Some of you may be training for a marathon, triathlon or simply hitting the gym to get strong and feel your absolute best.  It doesn’t really matter what your fitness goals are…it just matters that you have them and that you stay dedicated to them and to yourself!
    We are so blessed to have our bodies and our health, so let’s get active, stay active, push our limits and feel the best we have ever felt…together!
    Looking for a bit of inspiration?  Check out these inspiring athletes that teach us that no obstacle is too large to overcome in our quest to stay fit and healthy.
    Kayla Montgomery:
    Watch the video “Catching Kayla,” linked in this article, and you will be truly moved
    “She Collapses In Agony Every Time She Runs A Race, But This Teen With MS Refuses To Stop” 

    Noah Galloway
    Some of you may know him from this season’s Dancing with the Stars competition.  But what you should know him for is his story and his devotion to giving back.  His mantra is #NoExcusesNoah – who doesn’t love that?!
    Click Here for Noah's Bio

    Louise Green
    Louise writes this article about more than just herself, and powerfully strikes down stereotypes about body shape, body image and fat shaming.
    "I'm fat and I'm an athlete.  You shouldn't be surprised."

    “They ask why I push myself to the limit. 
    I do it because I feel powerful, strong and tough.  
    I feel at home when I’m challenged.” 
    Noah Galloway

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  37. Since April is Athletic Apparel Month at, we thought it only fitting to discuss the newest training we are doing since the New Year.  It is called Manic Training.  It’s not Boot Camp.  It’s not Cross Fit.  It’s not your every day, run of the mill gym class either (far from it).  It’s exactly what its name states…Manic. 
    Founder Graham “Bush” Muir is a force to be reckoned with.  When he speaks, people listen (or run the other direction).  He is a Kiwi transplanted to Steamboat Springs, CO via some Rugby Coaching positions that took him on a roundabout route to our little town.  He took his love of sport and helping people achieve their best possible athletic selves and siphoned it in to what is now Manic Training.
    I used to work with Bush’s wife back when he was just starting workouts out of his garage.  She used to beg me to come, telling me how “fun” it was.  I laughed as I was on a completely different training schedule back then.  I was training for triathlons and I felt if I wasn’t outside training then I wasn’t training at all.  And, I was always a solo athlete – I liked to run by myself, I liked to bike by myself, I liked to workout in the gym by myself, heck I even liked to ski by myself.  I just always felt like there were too many egos flying around and I wanted to concentrate on my workout, nothing else. 
    Pictured left to right: 
    Jeff Snook, instructor; Graham "Bush" Muir, Owner/Founder

    Years later and with pretty much every single one of my closest friends as Manic athletes, I gave in.  I participated in a Manic event to
    raise money for the American 300.  It gave me a taste not only of the workouts, but of the comradery and community that comes with it. I don’t know if it is age or what, but I really enjoy exercising with others now.  In fact, it is probably my number one motivator – perhaps my solo self lacks the motivation these days?!
    In that time, Bush’s gym has far exceeded the small space that was once his garage.  In fact, he’s increased the space of the gym a few times as his workouts and his way of training continue to draw more and more people.  I’m not going to lie…some days it is a gut wrenching workout that leaves you dazed and wondering what just happened.  But one thing is for sure…you always leave Manic knowing you left it all out on the floor.  And then when you start to see differences in your body and you know they are the differences you wanted to achieve, it makes that little angel sitting on your shoulder whisper into your ear to sign up for the next class.  So I do.
    There really is no describing the Manic workout, so you should head on over to their website and check it out…MANIC TRAINING!
    And don’t forget our Athletic Apparel & Fitness Fanatic Style Guides to move you through your workouts.  

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  38. April is Athletic Apparel month at!  

    Now is the time of year, when we clean out our cold weather closet and start to make room for warm weather attire.  One of my personal favorites is digging out last year’s workout gear and figuring out what I need this year.  I get a certain personal satisfaction from knowing I look good at the gym, even if I am covered in sweat and grunting through the last few rounds of an exercise.  I am also a woman on the go, especially after the gym, with kids to feed, errands to run, etc. I like to wear athletic clothing that I know will translate to being out in public while I whiz around town trying to check off every last thing from my checklist.

    So, I also love putting together our Fitness Fanatic Style Guides with this concept in mind.  We have new arrivals coming in every week now, so we will be updating you with more Fitness Fanatic Style Guides as the month goes on, but for this week, we wanted to present you with….
    Tango in Teal

    Also, don’t forget to check out our Fitness Oriented Pinterest Boards which range from beginner workouts to fitness challenges and span all kinds of activities from yoga to surf/SUP and trail running to cycling.  Get inspired this Spring!


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  39. photo via Vogue UK
    While we specialize in outdoor clothing at, make no bones about it, we are in the fashion biz.  And as such, the beginning of the year is an important time for designers as they debut their Fall Styles for the upcoming year on the catwalk.  Not only is it a time for them to see and be seen, but it also a time for industry vets to put on their best display for the world to see.  And then…it is our turn to analyze, judge and decide what we like.
    From New York to London and Milan to Paris, there is one thing evident and that is Fall 2015 styles are edgy and innovative.  Pushing the envelope was everyone’s intention this season – seeing how far fashion can go – taking it to the edge...walking the precipice…without going too far. 
    Fall 2015 will prove to be an exciting time in fashion.  We hope you enjoy our hand selected items from the Runway to Street Style.  And, we hope you use them as inspiration for your next purchase, your next visit to your own closet or maybe even the next time you settle in at your very own sewing machine.  Whatever your choice, have fun, stay creative and make a bold statement in your personal fashion this year!

    New York Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Pamela Roland
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Alexandra Dieck
    photo via Vogue UK
    Fav Couple
    photo via Elle

    London Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Julien Macdonald
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Alexa Chung
    photo via Elle
    Fav Mother-Child: Hedvig Opshaug
    photo via Vogue UK

    Milan Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Roberto Cavalli
    photo via Harper's Bazaar
    Fav Street Style: Alexa Chung
    photo via Elle
    Fav Duo: Diana Enciu & Alina Tanasa
    photo via Vogue UK

    Paris Fashion Week Staff Favs...    
    Fav Runway: Louis Vuitton
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Sarah Harris
    photo via Elle
    Fav Pup Style
    photo via Vogue UK

    Check out our Pinterest Boards for a full look at our Fall 2015 Fashion Week Favs!

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  40. I had a friend call me the other day, and ask for some travel fashion advice.  I found it quite ironic since we are focusing on "Fashion that Travels" this month, so I thought I would share the overwhelmingly profound advise that I gave her. (insert wink, wink here)
    First of all, there are many questions to ask yourself when traveling.  My top 5 are:
    ·      Where are you going?
    ·      What is the weather forecast?
    ·      What is the culture like?
    ·      How long will you be staying?
    ·      What kinds of activities/itinerary do you have planned?

    In this case, my friend was traveling to New York City, the weather was going to be in the 40s, it’s a metropolitan area with a fashion sense known for black and grey, she was going for a long weekend and they were planning to shop, drink, eat and tour around to trendy places.
    I pulled some items from the closet, and low and behold she ended up using several of my recommendations.  Here are just a few…

    Pretty Poncho/Cover Up
    This item is a must have in any wardrobe because not only is it AMAZING.  It is one of the best weapons in your arsenal when traveling from warm weather to cold weather or vice versa.   Now, our Fall version is sold out in both colors because…again…this piece is AMAZING…but not to worry!  We have a spring version of the same thing in the KAVU Cover Up and next Fall we will be bringing the beloved Pretty Poncho back into the fray!
    Whitman Pant
    There is nothing better than a pant that can be dressed up or dressed down and feels so yummy you would swear you were wearing pajamas.  Wear it on the plane, wear them out to a nice restaurant, wear them to run errands, etc.
    Indah Jacket
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from many trips to Manhattan, YOU. MUST. HAVE. A. GREAT. JACKET.  This jacket is a travel go to.  It is light weight enough to be a 3 season stunner.  It can be worn without ever taking it off and look trendy and presentable for almost any occasion, or it can simply be used as a great layer over your favorite top or frock. 
    Revery Long Sleeve Top
    This is my go to long sleeve when traveling because the fabric is out of this world.  It can serve as a “basic” or layer under lots of things, and the unique cowl neck makes it more than just a basic long sleeve top.
    Mixing and matching was key here.  My friend didn’t want to take anything other than a carry on for a long weekend and the 4 pieces we gave her offered several options for her 3 day trip. 
    If you have a trip coming up soon and need some travel fashion advice, never fear, we are always here for you!  Message us at with your requests and we will do our best to make your travel anxiety melt away so you can enjoy your trip and focus on what is important…Cheers!

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  41. March is that time of year when Daylight Savings shakes things up, the first day of Spring arrives and the temperature starts to ease into what feels like warmer weather.  Dressing appropriately during this time can feel like you are on a roller coaster.  So…leave it to us to help you through it. 
    The biggest thing to keep in mind when planning for temperature swings is to layer.  And some of the most fun and convenient layering items are leggings & cardigans. Leggings can be worn under long tops, paired with skirts or layered under dresses to create the perfect ensemble.  And cardigans…well, they can be put on when you get chilly or need that extra something for your outfit, or taken off if the weather gets warmer and you need to shed a layer.  Last but not least, don't forget the ever important accessories.  From hats to scarves, we've got you covered for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.
    Check out these leggings, cardigans and accessories for your transitional wardrobe this March…

    Leggings For Layering...!

    Harriet Legging

    Toad & Co.
    Printed Lean Legging

    Layover Legging

    Ladies Legging

    Lola Legging

    Katrine Legging

    Cardigans You Can Count On...!

    Kyle Wrap
    Annalise Cardigan

    Carve Designs
    Laurel Cardi

    Carve Designs
    Kinley Wrap

    Enza Wrap
    Toad & Co.
    Cardamon Short Cardi

    Toad & Co.
    Postcard Cardigan

    Vital Cardigan

    Royal Robbins
    Manu Sweater Vest

    Accessories That Bring It All Together...!

    Pistil Designs
    Avery Infinity Scarf

    Pistil Designs
    Effie Infinity Scarf

    Royal Robbins
    3 Seasons Wrap

    Pistil Designs
    Stevie Ball Cap

    Pistil Designs
    Ranger Hat

    Pistil Designs
    Lena Cap


    And if you need help putting it all together, remember our Style Guides.  Luxe Layers will help you find the perfectly layered outfit for transitional times!

    Stay tuned for New Arrivals that will be coming in to our warehouse any day now!
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  42. March is our month to focus on travel.  And wouldn’t you know it…we’ve got an OMS adventure that takes us out of the country!
    This week, we take time out for ourselves.  Time for some rest and relaxation, which is few and far between.  We find ourselves in Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit in Mexico for another OMS Adventure and we couldn’t be happier. We are staying at a quiet, private estate just outside of town and a 10 minute walk from a private beach where we might see 6 people at most all day.  We have laid in the sun, played in the waves, attempted to surf and met some really wonderful people along the way.  We are  grateful for this respite, while be it a short one. 
    As you can imagine, we utilize any adventure out of town to put our travel fashion caps on.  As we wait for new Spring arrivals, we jumped into our Spring 2014 archives for some goodies to serve our every need. Join us on this fashion adventure which I have to say has us uber excited for new items to arrive.  With all this fashion, we still managed a base tan and a snarky sense of humor about the blizzard and single digit temps back home....!
    Our top travel picks from this trip…

    Carve Designs Middleton Cover Up
    Ok…not only is this cover up made from impeccable fabric that drapes and floats and feels like heaven on earth, but the design lines of this cover up are…can I say it?!  Long enough to cover your bum, but short enough to show off your yams, I often pair this top with a pair of capris and a wedge for a night out, and then rock it by the pool the next day.
    Carve Designs Margo Maxi Dress
    Wear it to breakfast by the pool, wear it to the beach over your bikini, wear it out at night, it’s a super versatile piece!  Not everyone gets it, but maxi dresses are truly amazing and I am a firm believer that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe.
    Carve Designs Abbie Maxi Skirt & Kumari Tank Top
    While this maxi skirt is perfect for putting on over your bikini and walking comfortably around the pool in, it is a bit too long for walking on the beach.  Since, I am known for making skirts into dresses on a whim.  This is exactly what I did when we reached the sand.  I hiked the waist up to my armpits, tucked my blankets under my arm and toddled out to find the perfect sandy spot to call home for the day.  When I needed a top to cover up that day, I reached for the Kumari Tank Top.  Again, Carve nailed it on the fabric for this piece. It is so yummy, I didn’t want to take it off.  And the armpits were cut lower, but not too low so it is bra friendly, and the racer back with the low scoop in the front make it feminine but sporty all at the same time.
    Carve Designs Gansett Dress
    This dress gets an A+ for design and fabric coming together and making perfect sense.  This swim fabric is brilliant for any surf holiday and the beautiful print makes it super feminine.   The open back makes it easy to slip on and off when you need to run into the surf, and creates a great back when you wear it out at night.  I will never go on another beach vacation without this piece in tow.
    Lole Supta One Piece Jumper
    Perfect for travel days when you are going from one climate to the other. In Mexico we wore this as is with some sandals to stay cool and comfortable on our trip to the airport. Once we landed in Colorado, we grabbed a trusty cardigan to layer up and protect ourselves from the cold while changing into some closed toe shoes.
    For this and more travel friendly fashion, click here.  If you have a trip you are planning, let us know about it and how we can help you.  We’d love to put together some outfits for you to choose from!

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  43. Looking for something fresh for Spring?  Well look no further! Spring styles will be coming into our warehouse in March, and we are giving you an exclusive SNEAK PEEK at some of our favorites.  With fresh new colors, creative design lines and lightweight fabrics that spring with your every step...we simply cannot wait to share these Spring styles with you, so stay tuned!

    TOPS that are divine...
    Toad & Co.
    Ripple Tee

    Vervain Tank Top

    Carve Designs
    Dylan Gauze Shirt
    BOTTOMS that move...

    Royal Robbins
    Breeze Thru Culotte

    Carve Designs
    Oahu Short

    Royal Robbins
    Strider Pant
    DRESSES & SKIRTS that sizzle...

    Toad & Co.
    Shirred Thing Dress

    Jessa Skirt

    Toad & Co.
    Long Island Dress
    OUTERWEAR that serves...

    Jade Jacket

    Carve Designs
    Lake Sunshirt

    Lantana Hoodie
    ACCESSORIES that dazzle...

    Pistil Designs
    Solange Scarf

    Pistil Designs
    McKinley Trucker Hat

    Darn Tough
    Waterlily No Show Sock

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  44. I don’t know about you, but in our household, February marks the beginning of Blues Break for the kiddos, and the end of a slower time for us, making it perfect to get out of town for a few days. I have traveled a lot in my time.  However, (and this is very sad to admit) I haven’t actually taken a real vacation which involved relaxation in almost 5 years.  I am a worker…I come from a long line of workers….and even since I was young, I have struggled with how to relax.  It gives me anxiety to sit idle and even the word RELAX is hard for me to wrap my mind around.  My relax-phobias aside, I have finally planned a vacation, a REAL vacation, to a destination with a lot of sun and sand.  We are very excited and wanted to share some of our travel planning tips with you.
    Please see below for a FREE Travel Checklist.  This list is very extensive, so you can always adjust it to your needs, but it sure does cover all of the bases.

    OMS Travel Checklist

    Stay tuned for more updates!
    March is our TRAVEL theme on where we will be bringing you all of our fantastic travel pieces.  We will also be sharing what we are wearing, what adventures we are on, what we are eating, what we are drinking and more.

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  45. According to Wikipedia…"Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines")" **
    While hand written notes have given way to mass-produced greeting cards (or even e-cards), the meaning behind this annual celebration on February 14th remains the same…to show love for another or others.
    Here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day…I can certainly understand where “naysayers” are coming from when they claim that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday, and that we should show love to one another every day of the year.  However, it is nice that this tradition has held true (on some level) and evolved from the Middle Ages to modern times.  Traditions are lovely, and holidays are meant to spoil others in our lives, so if you have someone you want to spoil this Valentine’s Day…even if it is just yourself…do it!
    I personally like to get a nice gift and then compliment it with something thoughtful.  And most of the time, it is the thoughtful gift that gets the most praise.  That is because it is easy to go out and get a handful of flowers and a box of chocolates and call it a day.  The well thought out gift means you’ve actually stopped to think about that person’s day and how you want to make them feel.  So, don’t be shy…in fact, be schmoopy if you want to be…it will be guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones face and everyone deserves to be happy!
    With all of that said, we have our Valentine's Day Special running - FREE Shipping & Returns with promo code OMSLOVE.  We also have our Valentine’s Gift Cards ready and waiting as the perfect last minute gift that can arrive in that special someone’s inbox.   We have a Pinterest Board, "Show Your Love," dedicated to Valentine’s Day to give you plenty of inspiration for the big day.  From DIY projects to cooking inspiration and date night ideas to Valentine’s décor, we’ve done our best to cover all of the bases.  And...we’ve even put together a LOVE SONG playlist to get you in the mood and keep you groovin’ right through the holiday!

    So check them out now and let us know what you think!  And from our heart to yours, thanks so much for being a part of our world….OMS wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you. 
    Lots of love this Valentine’s Day,
    ~ The Crew at
    #omslovesyou #happyvalentines

    ** Wikipedia -


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  46. You cannot walk into a store this time of year without seeing something referencing Valentine’s Day…red roses, boxes of chocolates, Valentine’s Day cards, and more. The build up is dramatic, the sentiments are sweet and the love is real.  At we are doing the same by highlighting our RED and PINK offerings.  They make the perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one, this season. 
    RED gives any woman that extra glow, it exudes intensity, passion, energy and confidence.  PINK emanates tenderness, kindness, sweetness, sensitivity and romance.  So show them your passion and kindness this Valentine’s Day and drape yourself in these sweet colors…And, stay tuned for more specials from this Valentine's season.

    Check Out Staff Favorites Below!
    Royal Robbins
    Sophia Hoodie

    Royal Robbins
    Zoe Scrunch Neck Sweater

    Royal Robbins
    Winter Ombre Cardigan

    Royal Robbins
    Essential Tencel Cowl Neck

    Ardennes Tank Top

    Royal Robbins
    Carly Skirt

    Royal Robbins
    Brushed Back Skinny Leg Pant

    Royal Robbins
    Sophia Scarf

    Royal Robbins

    Manu Mitts & Scarf

    Check Out Staff Favorites Below!

    Delight Performance Top

    Principle Tunic

    Carve Designs
    Laurel Dress

    Juno Pant

    Darn Tough
    City Block Knee High Sock

    Pistil Designs
    Shendra Slouch Style Hat

    Pistil Designs
    Effie Infinity Scarf

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  47. What is the Apres Ski Scene?  Well…I suppose it depends upon who you ask.  For some it is about sipping on an ice cold draft beer after a long day skiing on the mountain, and savoring every bit of your day.  For others it is an excuse to catch up on the social front with folks you left in your wake as you ripped around the mountain.  And for others, it is a chance to see and be seen. 
    Admit it…no one wants to come off the mountain and find themselves at their favorite hot spot looking like a hot mess.  So, we’ve picked out our favorite Apres Ski items to help you freshen up, and look good while you unwind and sip on that cocktail.

    Click here for a full list of our favorite Apres Ski products, or browse below for outfits that will elevate your Apres Ski fashion to new levels!

    Pistil Designs
    Clover Knit Hat
    Horny Toad
    Berliner Vest
    Horny Toad
    Overpass Crew Dress
    Darn Tough
    City Block Knee High Sock
    Pistil Designs
    Joplin Slouch Style Hat
    Desolate Zip Pullover
    Cedar Skirt
    Ladies Legging
    Pistil Designs
    Iggy Slouch Style Hat
    Carve Designs
    Point Reyes Pullover
    Royal Robbins
    Brushed Back Skinny Leg Pant
    Darn Tough
    Good Witch Crew Sock
    Pistil Designs
    Cora Earflap Hat
    Delight Performance Top
    Lola Leggings
    Pistil Designs
    Ruthie Wristlet


    Don't love any of these looks?  Check our out Winter Wonders Style Guides for more options!

    Based on these selections, and as a woman who lives in a ski town, my biggest advice is:
    Don’t look at the après ski scene as a tedious thing.  With a tad bit of forethought (best to do at night if you are not a morning person like me…), it’s easy to run to your car and switch into comfortable clothes, or to even layer properly under your ski jacket, in preparation for your après ski scene.  And don’t be afraid to go against the grain – I’ve changed from ski pants into a pull over skirt that slips right over my leggings faster than my boyfriend can change into jeans.  It’s not hard to look good, without looking high maintenance.  You just have to want to.  So, be fabulous – everyone WILL notice and who doesn’t want to OWN IT?!

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  48. OMS embodies more than just clothing…it is a spirit of the mountains that infuses us with a desire to be better people, better athletes and healthier beings.  As January comes to a close, we want to give you (and ourselves) the motivation to hold on to all of your New Year, New You resolutions.  As such, we have been cooking up some tasty creations in our kitchen that are both yummy, easy and healthy.  Nutrition is such an important part of staying healthy – mind and body.  So, celebrate you today and every day.
    Follow our NOURISH Pinterest Board for more tasty creations and recipes throughout the year.

    Our current favorite...Garlic Chili-Maple Roasted Butternut Squash & Brussel Sprouts with Pomegranate & Gorgonzola from Ambitious Kitchen.  Don't be intimidates by all of the ingredients in the title, it is quite simple and super tasty!  And, since brussel sprouts are just about the only vegetable our 9 year old will eat these days, it's super convenient for our household to embrace.  

    Next on our list to try...Pesto Crusted Salmon from Delish D'Lites...!  Watch for updates on our social media pages #whatomsiseating

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  49. Whether you believe in New Years resolutions or not, a new year is always a good time to start a fresh chapter in our lives.  Learning to be good to ourselves should be a daily intention for everyone, but it is so easy for us all to slip into bad habits from time to time.  We are here to help keep you on track as much as you are here to make us accountable!  So throughout the year, but particularly in January, we will be focusing on healthy options...from clothing that will travel with you from the gym to the streets, to nutrition tips and recipe options that will make your mouth water, to fitness plans that are easy to implement in to your busy lifestyle.  As part of our New Year, New You campaign  this week, we wanted to bring you our recommendations for 2015 Fitness Essentials

    Lole Delightful
    Lole Essential
    Carve Designs
    Point Reyes Pullover

    Lole Delight
    Lole Ardennes
    Tank Top
    Suddhi Top

    Carve Designs
    Everly Pant
    Carve Designs
    Emmeline Tight
    Lole Lively

    And don’t forget to reference our always handy Style Guides.  We have a whole category dedicated to Fitness Fanatics!  Shop now at!

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  50. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we realize it has been a while since we last posted a blog entry.  That being said, we thought we would use this time to reflect on what the meaning of the holidays was really all about.  And that was definitively about replacing extravagant gifts, or lots of gifting, with thoughtful gifts and kind gestures. 
    And it seems we are not the only ones that found this inspiration this year.  We were recently sitting in our local restaurant that our friends ow,n chatting with them, when something magnificent happened.  A woman who had been eating with her daughter at the bar area of the restaurant approached them and asked if she could anonymously pay for everyone’s lunch at the bar.  The owners immediately jumped to it and I sat there in awe and was so moved by it all that it brought me to tears.  This woman was paying it forward, the way that we all should…
    While not all of us can afford to pay for a restaurant full of lunches, we can make gestures during the holidays that make a major impact.  For me, I decided to sit down and write letters to my boyfriend, his children and my best friend telling them how much I appreciate them, cherish them and love them.  As my boyfriend and I sat with his children on Christmas day, they each opened up their cards one by one and read them aloud.  Our 9 year old went first and was so moved by my words that she began sobbing, came over and wrapped herself around my neck and shared a happy cry with me.  Needless to say, everyone else started to cry as well.  
    The joy of giving from the heart is such a wonderful thing to give and receive.  So, while they went on to open their gifts from us, it made me feel good to know the Christmas spirit was still alive in our household.  May you find creative and thoughtful ways to inspire those around you this holiday season…

  51. By now you should be feeling stronger and as I like to say “ready to up the ante” on the OMS Fitness Challenge.  Below are some recommendations for modifications you can do to increase the difficulty and add interest to your daily workout.  We recommend implementing one or maybe two at a time as opposed to all of them all at once.  Either way, there are 7 days left to make it count and just because this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving, we are not going to give you a hall pass!  Sign up for your local Turkey Trot and use these exercises to get warmed up – not matter what, just keep moving!

    • Tricep Dips – if you are doing tricep dips with your knees bent, try moving your feet out further to increase the difficulty.  
    • Push Ups – if you are doing pushups with your knees on the ground, try doing push ups with your knees off the ground.  If you are already going push ups without your knees on the ground, try hugging your elbows into your rib cage and lowering until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, or while doing a regular push up bring your right leg up toward your right shoulder as you go down and then take it back as you come up.  Switch sides and repeat.
    • Mountain Climbers – you can increase the pace of your mountain climbers for a more cardio effect, or what I like to do is slow the pace down and focus on crunching in as your knee comes up to your chest
    • Sit Ups – put your arms above your head as you do your sit ups to increase the intensity.  Or you could always hug a small weight to your chest.
    • Crunches – As with mountain climbers, I like to slow the pace down and focus on crunching in.  You can also twist at the top of your crunch and then release down and twist to the opposite side.
    • Leg Raises – as you lower your legs down toward the ground, lower them as slowly as possible.  Hold a few inches above the ground for a few extra seconds, then repeat.
    • Planks – as with mountain climbers, you can always bring your right knee to your right shoulder as you hold your plank, release and then switch to your left knee and repeat.  If you want to get fancy, you can always switch to side planks.
    • Squats – add weights to your squat routine and feel it working through your glutes!
    • Bridges – as you raise up, lift one leg straight, keeping your hips level and hold.  Release down and then switch to the opposite leg.  Or, engage your core even further and add a ball.  Put your feet up on the ball, balance and then initiate your bridge.
    • Lunges – heat things up by switching to jump lunges, or add weights to your interval
    • Burpees – if you are not already doing a push up as part of your burpees, now is the time to start!
    • Bunnies – if you are not already doing a push up as part of your bunnies, add them in.  You can also add in jump lunges.
    • Wall Sits – if you have weights or a weighted medicine ball, hold the weight out in front of you with your elbows at a 90 degree angle and pulled in to your waist.  Slowly twist to the right and hold, come back to center, and then twist to the left and hold.

    No matter what, do what your body can handle and remember to have fun!

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  52. In follow up to our Fitness Challenge, we think it is only appropriate to help you with your Winter Fitness Wardrobe Essentials.  In fact, we often fashion Style Guides around the category “Fitness Fanatic” and this season is no exception.  Check out our newest Fitness Fanatic Style Guides here and stay tuned for more to come.


    Based on these Style Guides, here are our top 5 essential items for an active, outdoor wardrobe this season:

    Top 5 Winter Fitness Wardrobe Must-Haves

    Jacket or Pullover

    Tank Top

    Capris or Pants


    Gloves & Mitts

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  53. We have been lucky this Fall to have an Indian summer.  The temps are still hovering in the 60s most days, the sun has been shining and we continue to enjoy most outdoor, summertime activities like riding our bikes, running and more. 

    All of that said, I’ve personally encountered an injury that has been holding me back.  Injuries are the worst…and I know there are many worse than mine…but it’s a total bummer when you simply cannot enjoy the things you are accustomed to, or if you do, you wince through the pain. 

    It’s a hard thing – getting older.  It’s super humbling sometimes, but that being said, I’m not going to let any injury get in the way of my staying fit, especially because my physical therapist cleared me for exercise.  So…as the colder weather approaches and people start flocking to the gym, we are putting ourselves to a fitness challenge that virtually anyone can do from home.  For the next 30 days we will be tracking our progress via our social media pages and encouraging you and yours to get up and get crackin’!  Because there is nothing sexier than a strong woman – strong of character, strong of will, strong of mind and strong of body.  Now…who’s with me?!?!

    PS – A huge shout out to my Mom who just completed a 5K walk last week, and to my stepmom who is training for her first 5K running race this November.  Age is just a number people…these ladies are in their 60s and killin’ it!!!

    What you need for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge:
    ·         Positive attitude
    ·         Weights appropriate for you
    ·         If a fitness routine is new to you, we strongly encourage you to consult a doctor before starting this challenge
    ·         Need motivation? Grab a partner!

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  54. The leaves have officially changed and the night time air is filled with a bitter chill.  We even had flurries at our house this week. Fall always seems to sneaks up on us before winter seals off the year.  In our neck of the woods, Fall only lasts a few short weeks, but it is and has always been my favorite season. 

    My favorite season aside, there is always the difficulty of figuring out what to wear as the weather transitions. We offered up Style Guides focused on layering a few weeks ago.  This week, we present you with 10 Fall Must-Haves to add to your cold weather wardrobe!
    Everyone needs a great belt to accessorize an outfit.  The Willa Belt takes the traditional leather belt up a notch but still coordinates with lots of outfits. Available in Brown and Black.
    The Abbey Crew Top is a fun long sleeve top with lots of sass.  Its feminine, graphic details, in tonal colors, line each arm and the middle of the back bringing great visual interest to what would otherwise be a basic tee. Available in multiple colors!

    Royal Robbins Abbey Crew Top

    The Poppy Muffler is not ordinary scarf.  A short infinity scarf worn just to protect your neck it delivers great warmth.  The slub yarns of this great muffler make it uber stylish to boot.  Available in multiple colors for your Fall wardrobe!

    Lily Mitts take a traditional cable knit mitten and turn it on its ear.  Fingerless with button details they are super classy and the soapstone and charcoal colors go with just about everything!
    The Harriet Legging has a micro chevron print that gives it a punch of style and attitude.  Available in Indigo or Black, you will want to pair these with your favorite long sweater and boots!
    Who can live without a poncho?!  Not us!  We love that the Pretty Poncho drapes so well and flows over just about any layer.  The slouch collar and asymmetrical hem give it an easy yet edgy feel. 
    The Darn Tough Offset Crew Sock is the toughest but prettiest sock we've seen this Fall.  Guaranteed to stand up against all types of activities, and designed to look good to - what more could you ask for?!
    Available in Dijon and Nightshade.
    We've been so excited about the Oversea Pant we can hardly believe it is here! Color blocking in all the right places, a slim fit to hug every curve and fabric that moves with you from every day activities to traveling on the road. 

    Lole Overseas Pant
    The Carly Skirt is fun and flirty with its flounce hem and asymmetric panels.  The Silver and Deep Red color of this skirt makes it perfect for Fall.  Wear with your favorite clogs or boots and steal the show!

    Horny Toad Nixi Dress
    We love the Nixi Dress for Fall.  It is the perfect weight. and the 3/4 sleeve and drop waist gives this simple a-line dress a level of sophistication. 

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  55. So I was in the car on Thursday when I had a real #TBT moment.  I was rockin’ out to some of Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and Cindy Lauper’s “She-Bop” when the DJ came on and said – “Thank you for listening to KRAI the Oldies at 9”  Oh boy…did I feel old.  Since when did the 80’s become Oldies?!  I guess there is no denying it, I’m not getting any younger…

    All of that being said, my music tastes are eclectic and I don’t only listen to the 80’s.  In fact, I like to think we are pretty hip with our music selections here in the office.  So from time to time, we will be sharing our listening pleasures with you, as part of our way to stay connected to you…our customers, our friends and our muses.

    The other week we went to an Arctic Monkeys concert at Red Rocks.  It was simply amazing and Alex Turner did not disappoint.  He was brilliant vocally and his style was top notch – which is why he was part of our Top 5 Music Fashion Icons blog in April.

    So this week, we bring you our favorite tracks from the Arctic Monkeys, which you can listen to here - Arctic Monkeys – Enjoy!

  56. Cool air is starting to enter and Fall is around the corner.  What better way to kick off your fall wardrobe than with layering ideas and pieces that will serve your every need.  Outdoor Clothing is some of the most versatile and transitional clothing on the market, so make it a staple in your wardrobe.  Tops that can layer below cardigans, scarves that can layer over long sleeves when the air gets crisp at night, and so much more.  Check out our newest Style Guides that help anyone stylishly piece together outdoor clothing and help you through this cool weather transition.  

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  57. Well, Labor Day has come and gone and we promised you an update on our OMS adventure.  This holiday weekend, it took us to the Zirkel Wilderness on a 10+ mile trail run/hike called the Zirkel Circle. 

    The morning was cool and crisp, so figuring out what to wear, that would conveniently pack in my small camelback, was the biggest decision of the day.  Once that was settled, we were off on a 45 minute drive to northern Routt County to the trailhead.  When we arrived, the parking lot was surprisingly empty, so we found a great parking spot, sorted our things, signed into the USFS station, said hello to a few archery hunters climbing out of the trail, and took off.  We started off slowly, warming up our legs, hips and lungs.  We arrived at the log bridge which I had successfully 
    maneuvered the previous summer without incident.  However, this year I was not alone in having to shimmy across the log on my bum.  I figured I would just grit out the run even more since my fear of heights had gotten the best of me. 

    Off we went again - up and up and up and up some more.  We got to a fork in the trail and the sign was damaged to the point where we could not read it.  Fortunately for us, there was a runner coming down the trail and was able to give us proper directions – thank goodness for fellow runners, proper timing and a bit of luck!  Back to climbing, up and up again until we finally reached the top of the mountain and looked down on to Gilpin Lake.  We could not have had better weather, so we stopped to enjoy the view and take a few pictures.  While we took pictures, Oscar, our fellow 4 legged runner found a mouse to pounce – eek! 

    And then off again, running down to the lake and then down and down through the wilderness as we circled back to the car.  This part of the run was different because the trail was busy…very busy.  There were lots of families attempting to climb to the lake – all of which were asking us “how much farther?” … and not happy with our answer.  Unlike lots of other runners, my running buddy and I love to run downhill and it was a great break from the relentless uphill for a while.  Once we reached the car, it was definitely time for lunch at the local Clark Store where my craving for the best ice cream in Routt County was satisfied and then some. 
    One more adventure off the list for the summer and a few more to come as we try to squeeze as much in to the remaining warm weather days as possible.

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  58. I was on a run the other day, and sadly not feeling great, but it was the thought of all the endurance events and the many people I knew that were participating at that exact moment, or getting ready to participate, that pushed me through.  All in all, I was able to finish a grueling 15+ mile point to point run on the Continental Divide that even my crazy fit boyfriend applauded.  Unfortunately, there was a huge part of me that felt like it wasn’t that big of an accomplishment.  Many of you may be rolling your eyes right now, and trust me, I don’t blame you.  But if you continue reading, you will understand why.

    I was about 7 miles in when I saw a familiar face running in the opposite direction.  It was the Leader of our local running group.  I knew he was training for the Run Rabbit Run 100 next month.  So without even asking him, I knew he was going to pass me, loop around the lake and be hot on my tail sooner than I would prefer.  I was hoping my heads up about the pair of moose on the trail about a half mile back would slow him down…just a little bit…   It didn’t.  I was on the final descent and heard not only his heavy footsteps behind me, but his heavy breathing from eeking out a super tough 27 miles.  Did I just get lapped?! Grrrrrrrr……!                                                                                                                                                                  
    All while this was going on, my best friend was participating in the 2014 Stinger Challenge.  That day was the bike race portion.  While he was doing the event as part of a duo, it was still a cramp inducing 25 miles in 80+ degree heat.  And, his team member was a force to be reckoned with… the owner of our local boot camp style training facility, Manic Training.  He called me after with updates.  He was feeling ok, but was focusing on his hydration and nutrition because he was preparing to run the full trail marathon segment of the 2014 Stinger Challenge the following day.  I was so proud of him, but all of a sudden my fitness seemed so slack by comparison.                                                               
    Now I know that no one should compare themselves on a fitness level.  Every one and every "body" is different.  For me, it’s more of a synopsis about how mountain towns breed insanely fit people.  Sometimes overly agro people as well.  If I were to go home (lower elevation, etc) I could probably run laps around people. But in Steamboat I am literally an average runner – sometimes I even just slog through races.  But the important thing is that I am out there and I’m staying active.  An active body supports an active mind and we need to take advantage of our fitness while we still have it.  So long live mountain towns for their picturesque beauty and the motivation and opportunity they provide all of us to stay fit and healthy!

    That said, I'm off to plan my next big running adventure for Labor Day Weekend - stay tuned!

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  59. I was prepping some clothing for the local consignment store the other day and I was thinking about all of the different stories behind each of the clothes.  Isn’t it funny how we can hold on to objects … just because of the sentiment behind them?  I haven’t worn some of these clothes in seasons, but I’ve kept them because they feel important, they seem important, they speak to me.  The strange thing is, they are not that hard to part with once you realize the stories are just stories. 

    Nonetheless, it made me realize that all of our clothes speak to us on some level.  They say something about us, they are part of the memories we make, and it got me thinking….what does my outdoor clothing from and our favorite brands say to me?

    Here are some of my memories from the past year with OMS clothing...! 

    What do your clothes say about you? What do they say to you?  
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  60. The last days of Summer are right around the corner, and it’s time to get your GLAMP on!

    For those of you not familiar…Glamping is shorthand for glamorous camping per Urban Dictionary. And when one camps glamorously, they should dress glamorously for the outdoors as well.  That is where we come in!   Fun, functional, versatile and stylish pieces that you can wear from work to the campfire.

    In fact, just last week, our family was glamping in our camper while I wore the Lole Essential JacketLole Refresh PantPistil Quattro hat…and a Carve Designs Branded Tank Top (thanks Carve Designs!). Here are some other Outdoor & Adventure Style Guides to help you with your next glamping adventure!


    As part of our Glamping theme, you all should know that we just announced our August Glamping Special!  For a limited time only, you will receive FREE Shipping on all orders when you use the Coupon Code: GLAMP14 at checkout.

    And that is not the only FREE thing you will receive from OMS.  We love Glamping so much, that we decided to offer you our very own OMS Glamping Checklist!

    Click here to view printable PDF

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  61. I couldn’t wait to post this week’s Color Story…Purple!  It is my favorite color and has been since I was a kid.  But just as much as I love Purple, I love color philosophy - how color affects the senses and what it says about us as people.

    According to, Purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality, the subconscious, creativity, dignity and royalty.  Light Purples are light-hearted, floral and romantic.  Darker Purples are more intellectual and dignified. 

    If you like the color Purple, it can also speak volumes about your personality.  According to, people would describe you as:

    • Sensitive
    • Compassionate
    • Understanding
    • Supportive
    • Generous and a giver
    • Gentle and free spirited
    • Your energy pulls people in
    • You are creative and idealistic
    • You are a dreamer
    • You deal positively in the face of adversity
    • You are intuitive has taken Color Psychology to a whole new level with our Color Story Boards.  This allows you to see a variety of pieces filtered by color and how it can translate in your wardrobe.  Color Stories are just as important as design elements, because your color selection can make or break your entire look! 

    Check out our Color Stories at!

    See Our Color Story Boards on Pinterest!

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  62. I walked into a friend’s restaurant this week in head to toe items from and all of my girlfriends started ewing and ahhhing, and then proceeded to ask me to help them piece together outfits…that they don’t know how to shop…that they need help.  These are all great women with great bodies and great taste.  It’s not that they don’t know how to dress, it is that they don’t have the desire, inspiration or effort to put it all together.  That’s where we come in.  We have a growing library of Style Guides these days, as well as vision boards on our Pinterest site.

    Let be your personal stylist for outdoor clothing.  Don’t see anything you like?  Send us an email with an item or two that you love and we will happily style an outfit for you!  It’s what we do, it is a critical part of who we are, we love styling!

    Recently Added Style Guides from

    Style Guides/Vision Boards on Pinterest:
    OMS Style Guides: Beach Babe OMS Style Guides: Fitness Fanatic OMS Style Guides: Outdoor Woman
    OMS Style Guides: Lounge Lizard OMS Style Guides: Sophisticated Lady OMS Style Guides: Luxe Layers

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  63. If you ask anyone what the definition of the 4th of July is, you would probably get a different response from each person. 

    Wikipedia defines below:

    Independence Day (United States) - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Independence Day, also commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States of Americacommemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain (now officially known as the United Kingdom). Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworksparadesbarbecues,carnivalsfairspicnicsconcertsbaseball gamesfamily reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is theNational Day of the United States.[1][2][3]
    My boyfriend’s 9 year old, may define it as the night where fireworks and BBQs happen and everyone dresses in Red, White and Blue.

    A young professional may define it as a 3 day weekend where they get paid to have a day off and relax from the rigors of their stressful, but budding career.

    Someone from the military or a veteran may define it on a whole other scale.

    The point is, it is a day to reflect about independence and freedom.  No matter the definition.

    So what does freedom mean to me?  Freedom was the whole premise behind  Empowering myself by going out on a limb and starting a business again.  Breaking free from a job that had me shackled to a computer, living someone else’s dream.  Freeing myself from what everyone else thinks, and what their definition of success is…allowing myself to dream and create a vision for my future, myself and a new company.

    So while I have undoubtedly enjoyed the 4th of July BBQ, the annual 4th of July parade, and the sure to be amazing 4th of July fireworks, I am also breaking free of traditions and forging a path for…one to be proud of.

    What are you doing this 4th of July?!

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  64. You are cordially invited to join OMS for a journey through WWSRA, a regional show for outdoor clothing that took place at the Denver Merchandise Mart last week.  This show is a critical piece to our business as it is where we meet with all of our vendors to determine what product mix we will have for upcoming seasons.  This week’s show….SPRING 2015!  So many great designs, so many wonderful colors.  We can’t wait to share them with you next Spring. 

    While being a buyer may seem glamorous to many, it can be quite difficult to balance the various aspects that make up the perfect color stories, product mixes and trends for a season one year from when you are actually buying.  It’s like a puzzle and you have to try and guess where all of the pieces go….but it is the most wonderful challenge we could imagine when presented by wonderful designs from our favorite brands.

    Things we consider when making our buys:
    1. Brands – who are the hottest brands out there and who is up and coming? Carve Designs was just voted one of the biggest up and coming brands. Darn Tough socks will be new to our line in the Fall.
    2. Design trends – which brands stay ahead of the curve and continue to push the envelope on designs? Lole is playing with floral prints and layered fabrics of varying weights.  Carve Designs continues to impress with unique and daring prints and patterns.
    3. Product categories – you can’t buy too many bottoms without balancing it all out with tops.  You should always analyze which items also sell best for your business and focus most on them.
    4. Color trends – what color stories make sense across all of your brands?  Spring 2015 is trending toward bright and bold colors like greens, oranges and yellows.  Neons are even coming into play!
    5. Imagery – when you sell online, you must work with brands that value high quality imagery and great lifestyle shots.  It’s so much easier to know what clothes look like on the body and in motion!
    6. Pricing – determine who your consumer is and make sure your price point matches their buying behavior. 
    And there is so much more to the buying process, but this gives you a Sneak Peek into all of the considerations we make every season to bring you the absolute best in Outdoor Fashion!

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  65. We will be reporting on Summer Trends all summer long.  Trends come and go as seasons do the same, but certain pieces in your wardrobe never go out of style.  With the first day of Summer just around the corner, we no longer have to day dream about warm weather and shopping for the perfect pieces to make your wardrobe uber stylish!
     Here is's Guide to Summer Wardrobe Essentials:

    Tees - Basic tees have been a wardrobe essential for years, but the not so basic tee will help spice up your summer wardrobe.  OMS knows you can go down to your favorite big box store and buy a basic tee for less than $10, so that’s why we always aim to offer something different, unique, special.
    Tank Tops - Otherwise known as the sleeveless tee, tank tops are an essential part of any warm weather wardrobe as they help us keep cool while looking good.  Not in to showing off your arms?  Layer them up with a wrap or cardigan for extra style points.
    Skirts - Skirts are so versatile as they can be dressed up or dressed down and you can choose from all kinds of lengths depending on your body type, or what you want to show off or what you want to cover up.  Designers are also making the 2-in-1 option wherby the skirt is convertible into a dress.  So in our eyes, skirts are one of the most versatile pieces in any closet!
    Dresses - Dresses are important to any wardrobe because they can offer you the stand alone piece that doesn't have to be paired with anything else in order to look good.    From short to maxi, fitted to flowing, so many looks can be achieved with the simple dress.
    Capris - If you have never tried capris before - you should!  Some folks just don't want to show off their legs - maybe you don't have a tan and want to hide those pasty white legs, maybe you have a scar that you don't want to show off, maybe you just don't think your legs are your best feature or maybe you feel like shorts are no longer appropriate for you, but you don't want to burn alive in the blistery sun with a pair of pants.  It doesn't matter what the reason is, the capri is here to make your day!

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  66. is located in the beautiful State of Colorado.  We are so lucky to have so many outdoor recreational opportunities available to us, in some cases, right out our back door.  Which begs the question….what outdoor recreation activities are trending right now?  What is everyone doing?  

    According to the 2014 CO Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan put together by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife, we are right on trend with Outdoor Foundation trends.  That is because Colorado in some senses is at the epicenter of the outdoors – both in physical location, but also in spirit.  All of that said, the top outdoor recreational activities include:

    *SCORP Report, Top 25 Outdoor Recreation Activities Ranked by Number of Participants, 2012 *Outdoor Foundation, Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report 2014

    RUN, BIKE, CAMP:  These activities all reside within the Top 5 Outdoor Recreation Trends.  If there is one town that encapsulates opportunities for all 3 of these activities, it is Steamboat Springs, CO.
    • Running – you will find people running on every surface imaginable in town.  The great thing, is there are also many organizations and clubs dedicated to promoting this activity in town. 
    • Biking – it is not uncommon to see folks road biking, mountain biking and even unicycling during any given lunch hour in Steamboat.  Or to hear folks boasting around town about Steamboat Springs being Bike Town Usa.  From organizations to events in town, there are so many options to choose from
    • Camping – We are lucky to have a district office for the USFS right in our backyard and several State Parks throughout Routt County.  They are wonderful resources for information on designated camping opportunities.  If  car camping or “glamping” isn’t your style, and you are interested in camping in the back country, be sure to check with these offices for information, maps, fees and the like before heading out.  They can save you a lot of energy and improve your experience with their knowledge and know how!

    I'm sure this sounds like a pitch for folks to visit the State of Colorado, and our town of Steamboat Springs.  On some level you would be right.  But it is more about encouraging folks to search for such organizations/groups/clubs/events in your town and sign up today.  It is refreshing, rewarding and invigorating!

    And don’t forget to shop for your Run, Bike or Camp needs!

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  67. Whether you are traveling and want the perfect wardrobe to fit in to your carry-on luggage, or you just want to simplify your wardrobe but still look great, we have the solutions for you!  Below are 5 pieces that can be transformed into 5 different looks.  And by mixing and matching the right pieces, you can make your closet look infinitely bigger and keep your budget on track. Let help you decide which pieces to choose and how you can style them for the ultimate in summer fashion.

    A Busy Woman’s Weekend Style...

    Friday, May 16    Jennifer is a working woman who needs sophisticated yet easy clothes for the workplace.  She has found the perfect match with the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down in White and the Terra Hiker Pant in Taupe. They are comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the workplace.  We can’t wait to show you how she re-purposes them for the days that lie ahead.
    Saturday, May 17 AM Saturday is a big day for Jennifer.  She is taking the kids and the dog on a walk up Spring Creek Trail.  From there, she must pick up dog food, go to the bank, and get groceries for the cocktail party she is hosting Sunday night.  Jennifer heads to her closet to pick out some functional yet fashionable items for the day ahead.   She selects her favorite new top, the Noe Short Sleeve Tee in Black, which she transforms into a tank top with the roll up tabs at the sleeve.  And  matches it back to yesterday’s Terra Hiker Pant which she makes into a Capri with the roll up tabs on the pant leg.
    Saturday, May 17 PM After all of that is said and done, Jennifer drops the kids off with her hubby and meets her friends out for a long overdue Girls Night Out. She wants to dress the part but still stay comfortable, so she pairs the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down with the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt in Turkish Sea, worn as a dress, for the ultimate in versatile fashion.
    Sunday, May 18 AM Sunday morning is laid back.  She hits the pool with the kids wearing her favorite swimwear and the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt as a cover up.  From the pool, she and the kids head home to get prepared for the night ahead.
    Sunday, May 18 PM Jennifer has 1 hour to get the appetizers sorted and dressed, before guests arrive. She kicks into high gear by grabbing the Noe Short Sleeve Tee from yesterday and unrolling the sleeves.  She pairs it with the Cedar Skirt in Coral for a pop of color and an ounce of flair. And grabs the Anderson Long Sleeve Top to cover up when the cool night air sets in. Top it off with some great orange accessories, and not only is she dressed to the nines, but she is ready to go with time to spare!   

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  68. Memorial Day weekend is a celebratory time for many….it marks the start of the summer season, BBQs and more.  For others, it goes back to the roots of what Memorial Day is all about – remembering the men and women that fought, served and died for this country in the line of service.

    And for even more of us, it marks the anniversary of losing a loved one, not to military service, but from our lives.  For me, it marks the loss of my father, my best friend and the most important man in my life.  It was 13 years ago and yet it is as painful today as it was then in so many ways.  I was 25, I had just moved all the way across the country, got my first professional job, bought my first house and was so excited to show it to him that summer.  Needless to say, he was only ever able to hear about those little milestones…never to see them. 

    I will spare everyone the details of how, where and what happened.  It really isn’t important in the overall scheme of things.  But it is important to say that he is still missed very, very much.  Every day that comes between today and the day it happened may put it further in the past, but the wounds are still deep, the grief is still real, and the loss is often suffocating. 

    I miss being able to pick up the phone and ask him for advice.
    I miss going out for cocktails with him (after 21 of course) and thinking he was the coolest person in the room.
    I often see someone on the street, in a restaurant or simply out and about and something about them…their mannerisms, the way they are holding themselves, their nose, their hair, their laugh…reminds me of him.
    I sometimes wake up at night thinking he is in the room with me or I hear strange noises and wonder….
    I hate myself for feeling like I’ve forgotten what his voice sounds like.
    I miss his laugh and how his energy could fill a room.
    I still have pictures of him in my room.
    I still keep some of his clothes in my closet.  They don’t smell like him anymore, but every once in a while they make me smile.
    I have the necklace he wore every day in safe keeping.  It is his zodiac sign.  He is a Scorpio.
    I always talk about him in the present tense as if he is still here. 
    I still have the chair he received when he graduated from Dental School.
    I am still in awe of how much he loved his work – the passion, the dedication and the sheer will and determination to be the best oral surgeon on the planet.
    I still celebrate his birthday, but stopped celebrating Father’s Day.  Either way, I miss being able to send him a card or surprise him with a present.
    People think I don’t lik eweddings.  What they don’t understand is my father was never able to be at my wedding.  I cry like an absolute baby when at one, especially during a father-daughter dance. 
    And the list could go on and on and on. 

    I miss lots of things, but better to have had him in my life for those 25 years than not at all.  I cherish our relationship in every way and look forward to seeing him some day on the other side (hopefully when I am really old and gray) where we can live, and laugh, and share Daddy-daughter love again without the painful separation of death between us. 

    Until then, and especially on this holiday weekend, I will do my best to celebrate the fact that he was the best man that ever lived.  I love you Fath… 

  69. This time of year, Mother Nature plays tricks on us….Some days it is sunny and warm and summer feels like it is right around the corner. Other days, the weather is dark and gloomy and we shiver at the thought of a tank top and shorts.  It is important to have some basic wardrobe essentials for transitional times.  And the wonderful thing about it is, even when the weather turns warm, these pieces continue to be a staple for your layering needs. A cardigan for cool weather nights, a button down shirt for the office, a long sleeve to keep you warm until yoga class gets your blood pumping.  Don’t avoid essential layering pieces to get you through transitional times! Embrace what you are up against and look good doing it.'s Guide for the "Betwixt & Between" Weather
    The Long Sleeve Tee

    Choose ¾ sleeves for their transitional nature or long sleeves in lightweight fabrics like burnout jersey, cotton slub or rayon/spandex blends.
    The Button Down

    Button them up for the office, layer them over a tank top for a more casual look or select one with adjustable sleeves for a convertible look.  Whatever you choose, make the long sleeve button down your go to layering piece this season.
    The Cardigan

    Wear it open or cinch them with your favorite belt, 
    the cardigan is the quintessential layering piece for all seasons.
    The Hoodie

    Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?!  Choose your style – vest, sweatshirt or jacket to compliment your next activity.
    The Lightweight Jacket

    Believe it or not, jackets should always have their place in a warm weather wardrobe. Select one of these lightweight options for the yoga studio, running errands or hitting the trails.
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  70. As Mother’s Day approaches and I scour the card aisle for a Mother’s Day card, I’m reminded of a few things.  I not only need a card for my mother, but for my stepmother as well. 

    I get my stepmother a card (or ecard when life is so hectic I lose track of the time) every year.  She has played an important role in my life since I was a teen and we still keep in touch after all this time, even after my father passed 13 years ago.  I’ve always recognized her in my life and I wonder if everyone else does the same for their step parent?

    I have recently taken on the role as a “pseudo step parent” to my boyfriend’s two lovely girls, when we started dating over a year and a half ago.  And as we enter the second year of our relationship as a family, I wonder whether I will ever receive a Happy Step-Mother’s Day card.  I don’t need one.  And I certainly don’t expect one.  But out of curiosity, and I’m sure many more years of becoming a family, I wonder if it will ever become a check on their grocery/to do list?

    No we are not married, but we are still very much a blended family.  And while there is so much beauty in the relationship I share with this man and his children, the joys of being a step parent can also be riddled with complicated questions and moments of self doubt that can send one reeling into a tailspin in the matter of seconds.  As we continue to see the rate of divorce at an all time high, the notion  of new, blended families from second marriages and the like becomes more prevalent and the complications begin to stack.  This begs the question, how does one become a great step parent? 

    I think we all need to keep in mind that there is no such thing as being the perfect anything…real parent, daughter, business woman, lover, friend, mentor, stepmom…and the list goes on.  But we should certainly wake up each day realizing that if this is one of the many faces we wear in life, then our intent should be to put our best foot forward when we are in this role.

    Do I think I should be their best friend?  No.  But I do think that earning a level of trust, loyalty, love and respect is important with my step kids.  They are the foundation for my relationship with them throughout life.

    Do I think I am their mother?  No.  I am not their real mother.  Plain and simple.  But I can serve as a guiding force in their lives where it is appropriate.  I always defer certain questions to their Dad and to their Mom when I know it is the right thing to do, or if I’ve got that feeling it is a grey area.  But I can also provide them a perspective that is new and different, and sometimes may take on a different meaning for them, precisely because I am not their parent.

    Can I have a voice? Yes.  Remember to follow your intuition, keep your filter in place whenever you can, never air dirty laundry (especially when it is not yours) and tread lightly. Sometimes your voice will be a whisper.  Sometimes it will be a roar.  Just keep in mind, it will always be changing and adjusting to the needs and moods of those around you, because being a step parent is an ever changing, always evolving relationship.

    Do I think being a stepmom is like being in the center of a dynamic spider web of relationships?  Yes.  I not only have a relationship with their father, but I have a relationship with each of them individually, them as a unit, their mother, their stepfather, their grandparents, their step grandparents and the list goes on. 

    Do I fear this dynamic web will come crashing down at any time?  Yes.  In fact, I often have anxiety if I think about it.  For example, if I don’t see eye to eye with someone, or a comment made in passing is mistaken for something completely different in intent, or their father and I are facing a challenge in our relationship, etc. it can compromise or weaken any part of the web in a variety of ways.

    And so as a step parent we sit on a precipice of sorts.  Sometimes we find balance.  Sometimes we tip to one side or the other.  We just need to remember that every decision we make, every word we speak, every action we take has consequences.  But those consequences don’t have to be bad.  They can be great!  They can be what results in a beautiful relationship with two lovely girls that are not your own, but you will treat like your own with a show of love, courage and loyalty that cannot be broken.

    You will teach them lessons from the chapter of your own life because you remember what it was like to be them.  You will cry with them, because sometimes that is all they want or need in that moment (hello puberty…I remember what a crazy world you were ).  Or, you will go find a quiet place to cry when you are overly emotional and you get your feelings hurt.  You will be ok with not being #1 because it doesn’t matter what priority you are, as long as you are a priority.  You will remember how to share, because you share their father every day.  You will steal moments with him where you can make the time and space to be selfish, because they will be all the more precious.  You will wonder if the kids will ever resent you, but you will keep in mind that even if there are challenges in your relationship, it will always work out and make you stronger people.  You will be there for every milestone, even if you feel like you are in the background, and someday they will thank you for it (just probably not when they are 8).  You will balance the line of mentor vs disciplinarian with grace and patience as you feel out their parents about it.  Heck sometimes parents crave it because they get so tired playing the role day in and day out.  Sometimes they don’t.  You will focus on maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with their father (making you a better partner) because you want to set the right example for them in their relationships.  And the examples go on.

    And so, when I think back to a comment someone made to me once about being a step parent:  “Shut up, show up, wear beige”  I say: choose your words wisely, always show up, wear a red dress with red nail polish, red lipstick and 5” red heels to match if you want, but always remember you have a complicated role to play and you will never be perfect at it, but it should never stop you from trying to be GREAT.  The road to greatness will be shrouded in mystery and wonderfully messy challenges, but it will always be worth the journey.  Never look back, keep looking forward with your chin held high.  Life is too short not to share the love and gratitude inside you, and the more people you have to share it with, the more it will come back to you in spades.

    So with all of those pieces of advice/clichés in place…Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!  You all matter, you all count and you are all appreciated even when it feels like no one is looking or paying attention.  We at salute you!

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  71. The term “normcore” continues to infiltrate the fashion industry.  The more we read about it, the more we realize that while the outdoor fashion industry is anything from normal, it gives us a chance to make a statement to a larger segment of the population than just those folks living in recreational havens.  This is a platform for us to stand on and say to hipsters and urbanites, “Hey there, normcore can be cool.  Let those of us who have been dressing that way for years show you how…!” 
    The outdoor fashion industry has been booming for decades by making well designed, highly functional clothes.  And it continues to grow in recent years, as it focuses equally on style as it does on functionality.  Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and Tevas do not have to be boring.  In fact, they can be anything but when put together in the appropriate way.
    Wait…did I say Tevas?  Yes, I did!  In fact, Tevas are the perfect example of an outdoor/normcore brand that has begun casting a wider net to attract more than just outdoor enthusiasts as their customer base.  Their most recent campaign has launched them (in various renditions) on to the runways of folks like Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada, and even to the shelves at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and DSW.  It just goes to show that when a utilitarian product or brand is re-styled, it can appeal to the masses rather than just a niche.
    Some see normcore as a Style Challenge.  For those who do, we provide Style Guides.  They are an important component of our business as we provide a backdrop for how to assemble an outfit to hit the gym, or the street, in effortless style.
    Check out the following OMS Spring 2014 Style Guides below.  And, check back often as we incorporate new arrivals into our favorite outfits for the perfect Spring/Summer style. 

    Here’s to be anything but normal…!

    Fitness Fanatic
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    Outdoor Woman
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    Lounge Lizard
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    Beach Babe
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    Luxe Layers
    For more Luxe Layers Styling Options – click here
    Sophisticated Lady
    For more Sophisticated Lady Styling Options – click here

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  72. I woke up this morning to find a handsome gentleman to my left sipping quietly on strong, overly caffeinated sludge he calls "coffee" while reading the newspaper.  I never like to disturb him during these moments because it is very rare that he ever stops moving and simply enjoys the serenity and peace of stillness.  Maybe it is even more enjoyable for me to watch than for him to experience, but it is a moment that always warms me.  

    I lay quietly for a while just watching him and wondering what the day will hold, when I heard the slow breathing of someone else in the room.  When had Lily joined us I wondered?  I sat up slowly and through barely opened eyes, I see her beautiful silhouette at the end of the bed where she sat in her father's chair quietly reading something on her iPad.  It always amazes me how quiet and respectful she is in the morning.  She is like a mouse and barely makes a peep, unlike her sister who sounds like a herd of elephants stampeding through our little fortress in the woods!  

    And so it was in these few precious moments of quiet and stillness this morning that I realized there can be a lot conveyed even through silence.  There was so much love and harmony in the room....a sense of family and belonging that I so enjoy...a rhythm in our house that you can only hear when you lie still and listen. Oh how I long to feel it again soon.  

    May we all be able to find moments of stillness and silence in our lives.  And in those moments, may we still hear a voice that speaks to us.  Because sometimes it is more important for us to stop and listen to our inner voice.
  73. As part of our March 2014 focused on “Finding Your Voice", we want people to remember that sometimes you can express yourself, your voice, your creativity, your everything through what you wear.  As Rachel Zoe, top stylist to the Hollywood Elite, has been quoted saying...."Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  We couldn't agree more!  And this is why focuses so much of our efforts on our Style Guides.  

    There are so many beautiful bodies out there, in mountain towns and elsewhere, that simply aren't dressed to show off all of their best features.  Don't hide behind your clothes and your puffy jackets women....!  Make your style fierce and your voice roar by putting together a look, not just an oufit!  

    Our biggest tip you ask?  Accessories can be functional, but they can also be stylish, don't forget to add them to your look before you head out the door.  The accessory is often time what makes or breaks the outfit.  The trick is...too many and you look like a crazy person, too little and you could look like you didn't put in any effort.  

    Let us help it all make sense with our Style Guides!  Sorted by the look you are trying to achieve for the day - Fitness Fanatic, Outdoor Woman, Sophisticated Lady, Luxe Layers, Lounge Lizard - we will help you dress the way you want to look. Because let's face it...we feel better, more confident, when we know we look good.  We stand a little bit taller, smile a little bit brighter and fill the room with a bit of magical energy.  

    Spring 2014 looks are coming in the next week and we will be adding more guides to the library, so join the OMS Collective today by commenting on our blogspots, following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, staying connected with us via our mobile experience or submitting a product review!

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  74. will be featuring monthly themes on our website and our social media outlets.  March 2014 we will be focused on “Finding Your Voice”.  We invite you to participate and share a story about an experience, a lesson learned, a cause you want to speak about, etc.  We also invite your friends, family, social media connections and more to participate in what we want to be an inspiration for all.  Thanks for your support as we define OMS and put our own stamp on the worldwide web.

    As I sat at my desk on a dreary winter morning, I looked outside at the mountains and felt small.  I felt insignificant.  I thought what I was feeling, thinking and saying didn’t make any sense or matter to anyone.  I wrote in my journal for most of the morning, trying to make sense of the chaos in my heart and the strange, negative vibes that had been seeping into my head for weeks.  I felt like all of the “work” I had been doing for the last few years to turn my life into a positive direction – fears, darkness and all – had withered away to nothing. Now some folks will blame this powerlessness on getting into a rut or even on Mercury being in retrograde, but I had this guttural sense it was so much more, so I kept writing.  And if there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is that I should follow my gut!
    Then it washed over me with a pure sense of relief.  I realized that even from my small little desk, in my small little town, in the mountains of Colorado that I had a voice, and I didn’t need to fear using it.  We all have a voice and we should share it!   Look at the brilliance, influence and power of social media outlets – they are a collective of people sharing inspirational stories, lessons learned, causes they are passionate about, or everyday things, because they want to be heard.
    And so, another layer of has been born!  We want people to express themselves through their clothes, their style and their lifestyle, but we also want people to feel like they can express themselves through their voice...whatever that make look like, sound like, feel like.
    So share your attitude about life with today!  Join the OMS Collective to share, inspire and unite folks around the web…around the world…around the country…and around the corner!

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