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women's active wear


Lole nurtures the body and mind with fun, feminine, and beautifully designed active wear that's stylish enough to transition instantly from the studio to the street. Designed for today's active woman, Lole collections truly reflect a modern lifestyle, and turn consumption into investment by offering long-lasting, versatile clothing with real value.

Lole stands for Live Out Loud Every day. We think that is a motto worth noting...Don't you?!

Spring 2014 - NEW ARRIVALS!

Spring 2014 - NEW ARRIVALS!

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Lole Curl Top - Striped - Womens (Spring 2014)Lole Curl Top - Striped - Womens (Spring 2014)
Lole Delightful Jacket - WomensLole Delightful Jacket - Womens
Lole Essential Jacket - Womens (Spring 2014)Lole Essential Jacket - Womens (Spring 2014)
Lole Love Tank Top - WomensLole Love Tank Top - Womens
Lole Motion Legging - Womens (Spring 2014)Lole Motion Legging - Womens (Spring 2014)
Lole Motion Pant - Black - WomensLole Motion Pant - Black - Womens
Lole Motion Pant - Grey - WomensLole Motion Pant - Grey - Womens
Lole Savasana Tank Top - Womens (Spring 2104)Lole Savasana Tank Top - Womens (Spring 2104)
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Fall 2013 - SALE ITEMS!

Fall 2013 - SALE ITEMS!

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Lole Cardio Top - WomensLole Cardio Top - Womens
Lole Curl Top - Womens (Fall 2013)Lole Curl Top - Womens (Fall 2013)
Lole Essential Cardigan - Womens (Fall 2013)Lole Essential Cardigan - Womens (Fall 2013)
Lole Evolt Dress - WomensLole Evolt Dress - Womens
Lole Guyane Top - WomensLole Guyane Top - Womens
Lole Limber Tunic - WomensLole Limber Tunic - Womens
Lole Lozere Tank Top - WomensLole Lozere Tank Top - Womens
Lole Motion Legging - Womens (Fall 2013)Lole Motion Legging - Womens (Fall 2013)
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