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Brand Page - Pistil Designs

The Story Behind Pistil Designs

Finding the right hat is no small thing. At Pistil, they are determined to make your favorite - the one you grab as you race out the door, the one that gets broken-in to reflect your personal style, the one that performs when you need it to.

They have always called Hood River, Oregon home, though like their line, their team has grown to include a few more friends. They celebrate the natural beauty of Hood River every day, and are inspired by the relaxed, friendly, honest people that live there.

Featured Products from PISTIL DESIGNS
Orange Pistil Ranger Hat RANGER HAT

A beloved and long-lived favorite in the Pistil line for good reasons: the lines are clean and classic, and the shape is flattering. Made of durable cotton canvas in bold, solid colors, the Ranger gets a medium brim, and a bit of pop in the contrasting leaf and logo embroidery. A Velcro tab adjusts the size of this military style cap, and the unlined interior has finished seams.  Available in Orange and Avocado.
Aqua Blue Gidget Scarf GIDGET SCARF

This scarf is so chock full of fun, it's hard to know where to begin. The woven stripes range from thin to thick in an optic puzzle of changing color. Some stripes shimmer with silk content, while others have a matte finish. The fabric blends cotton and silk for extreme softness. Edges are left unfinished, creating a short fringe.  Available in Orange and Aqua.
magenta Hanna belt HANNAH BELT

Punctuate your look of the day with a band of vibrant color. The Hannah is made of super supple and soft suede, and features two raised and stitched strips of leather that run along its length. This belt has duo-tone appeal; the back side of the belt is a different hue. The metal buckle has a tarnished, brassy hue.  Available in Magenta and Turquoise - perfect colors for Spring!

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Spring 2014 - NEW ARRIVALS!

Spring 2014 - NEW ARRIVALS!

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Pistil Avery Infinity Scarf - WomensPistil Avery Infinity Scarf - Womens
Pistil Gidget Scarf - WomensPistil Gidget Scarf - Womens
Pistil Goya Scarf - WomensPistil Goya Scarf - Womens
Pistil Hannah Belt - WomensPistil Hannah Belt - Womens
Pistil Jolie Belt - Turquoise - WomensPistil Jolie Belt - Turquoise - Womens
Pistil Jude Fedora - WomensPistil Jude Fedora - Womens
Pistil Miro Infinity Scarf - WomensPistil Miro Infinity Scarf - Womens
Pistil Quattro Hat - WomensPistil Quattro Hat - Womens
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Fall 2013 - SALE ITEMS!

Fall 2013 - SALE ITEMS!

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Pistil Andina Belt - WomensPistil Andina Belt - Womens
Pistil Gisele Belt - Black - WomensPistil Gisele Belt - Black - Womens
Pistil Gisele Belt - Brown - WomensPistil Gisele Belt - Brown - Womens
Pistil Gossip Glove - WomensPistil Gossip Glove - Womens
Pistil Willa Belt - Black - WomensPistil Willa Belt - Black - Womens
Pistil Willa Belt - Brown - WomensPistil Willa Belt - Brown - Womens