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The Story Behind Toad & Co.

Toad & Co. was originally born as the Horny Toad brand in Telluride and is now based in Santa Barbara.  Toad’s clothes are designed to be an expression of ease.  Toad style is socially adept and as unpretentious as a good friend.  Keeping a one-closet lifestyle in mind, they try to make stuff that looks good without effort, generous in detail, and functions like a favorite from the very first wear. 

The majority of Toad & Co. clothes are made with sustainable fibers like organic cotton, Tencel®, Modal® and recycled poly.  They age well, travel with ease and look good straight off the floor, no matter how many times they were worn.  As a company, and as individuals, Toad & Co. does their best to make choices that are socially and environmentally informed.  It is important to them that people feel as good about the business practices and people behind Toad & Co., as they do about their clothes.

Live well, do good, and keep good company.


Featured Products from TOAD & Co.
The Toad Nixi Dress is a simple, yet sophisticated dress. The low slung waistband on this dress hits at just the right spot on any figure and gives this dress an extra bit of panache. And, it's made from our favorite, eco-friendly year-round knit, Flexcel. 
The Toad Stripe Out Boat Twist Tee has all of the right details - colorful cuffs, playful stripes and a slouch collar.  This long sleeve tee will pair perfectly with your favorite jeans or a nice skirt and boots.  It is hard to contain our excitement over a top with so much personality.  The slightly slubbed, organic cotton Stripe Out Boat Twist Tee is a perfect long sleeve or layering piece for Fall.
The Toad Cardamon Cardigan is the perfect lightweight cardigan for Fall.  It is great for layering over your favorite top or dress, and is a fantastic traveling companion.  Short and sweet, this short cardigan is made from a go-anywhere blend of soft merino wool, silky Tencel® and earthy cotton. 
The Toad Chaka Skirt is our favorite a-line skirt for the season.  The Chaka Skirt's wide, gathered waistband is flattering and the bottom hem falls a few inches above the knee, calling for flats in the day and boots when the sun goes down. Made from Samba, Toad’s eco-responsible blend of Tencel® and organic cotton, this skirt is sustainable, fun, flirty and functional!
The Toad Printed Lean Legging is far and away our favorite legging of the season.  The graphic print on this legging makes it super special.  And it is made from a silky, eco-friendly blend of organic cotton and Modal®. Wear it under a tunic or pair it with a skirt or dress for extra warmth and style this Fall.

Fall Favorites & New Arrivals!

Fall Favorites & New Arrivals!

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Horny Toad Bind One On Belt - WomensHorny Toad Bind One On Belt - Womens
Horny Toad Cardamon Cardigan Short - WomensHorny Toad Cardamon Cardigan Short - Womens
Horny Toad Chaka Skirt - WomensHorny Toad Chaka Skirt - Womens
Horny Toad Layercake Dress - WomensHorny Toad Layercake Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Oblique Skirt - WomensHorny Toad Oblique Skirt - Womens
Horny Toad Pirouette Dress - WomensHorny Toad Pirouette Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Pirouette Skirt - WomensHorny Toad Pirouette Skirt - Womens
Horny Toad Revery Long Sleeve Tee (Fall 2014) - WomensHorny Toad Revery Long Sleeve Tee (Fall 2014) - Womens
Horny Toad Revery Long Sleeve Tee - WomensHorny Toad Revery Long Sleeve Tee - Womens
Horny Toad Rosalinda Dress - WomensHorny Toad Rosalinda Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Slide Rule Belt - WomensHorny Toad Slide Rule Belt - Womens
Horny Toad Topoff Pullover (Fall 2014) - WomensHorny Toad Topoff Pullover (Fall 2014) - Womens
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Horny Toad - Spring SALE!

Horny Toad - Spring SALE!

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Horny Toad Dizzie Dress - WomensHorny Toad Dizzie Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Keyhole Dress - WomensHorny Toad Keyhole Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Long Island Dress - WomensHorny Toad Long Island Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Metamorphose Dress - WomensHorny Toad Metamorphose Dress - Womens
Horny Toad Muse Skirt - WomensHorny Toad Muse Skirt - Womens
Horny Toad Samba Wave Tank Dress - WomensHorny Toad Samba Wave Tank Dress - Womens