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  1. There are lots of fresh, vibrant colors popping for the Summer season.  Quite frankly, we can’t wait to get our hands on them because as of last week it was still snowing here!  One predominant color this Summer is RED.  Red isn’t just meant for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s…Red is a color that literally looks fantastic on most skin tones.  It gives you color and a glow that everyone will stop and notice.  This season’s red color pallete and prints are no exception. 

    To celebrate, we are extending a 20% discount on any RED Spring 2016 items from the collection below. Please use coupon code: REDHOTSUMMER (*cannot be combined with any other offer.  Limited time only.)

    Finley Hoodie
    Finley Skirt
    Bernice Short Sleeve Top
    Jocelyn Dress
    Toad & Co.
    Sama Sama Dress
    Sally Short
    Lina Skirt

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  2. When you think of Spring or Summer you think of vibrant colors and great floral prints that you simply wouldn’t see during the cold weather months.  Spring 2016 is no exception.  Prints range from Tie Dye and Abstract prints to Hawaiian/Foliage and Animal/Snake prints.  We saw them on the runway, and we are seeing them in outdoor fashion just as strongly.  We have fully embraced them and we hope you do too!  So, we’ve put together all of our print and floral trends in one place for you to see:
    Paisley - the traditional paisley is back!

    Tie Dye - tie dye isn't just for hippies anymore!

    Graphic - graphic, vibrant prints make a real statement this Spring!

    Chevron - chevron prints are not just for decorative pillows and lamp shades any more ladies!

    Abstract - it is floral? is it marble? is it tie dye? is it animal print? who knows because it's abstact!

    Hawaiian/Foliage - we have it all...from earthy, organic hues and bold, vibrant colors!

    Stripes - preppy, nautical and everything in between!

    Plaids - lumberjacks beware because plaid isn't what it used to be!

    Southwest - mohave inspired prints are here to stay!

    Animal/Snake - subtle tonal prints still make a statement!

    Floral - big, bold and colorful florals for Spring!


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  3. Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  And Red is the color of choice.  Red is passionate and vibrant and brings a life to any outfit.  And literally EVERY woman looks wonderful draped in it.  So here are a few of our favorite Style Guides with our favorite Red pieces to help you achieve that perfect Valentine's Day look.   If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out our RED Color Board on Pinterest! could just invest in one of our fantastic Valentine's Day inspired Gift Cards!

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  4. Fall/Winter clothing brings on a whole new realm of colors and inspiration for your wardrobe.  This year is no slouch when it comes to interesting colors and color combinations that are earthy yet vibrant.  Here are this season’s hottest color trends in outdoor clothing:
    Blue/greens were a standout this season when selecting items for  The cool, calming properties make it a go to for your wardrobe.  Mix and match this beautiful hue for a wonderful capsule collection, or combine it with the purples and rusts that are also hot this season for a wonderful jewel tone effect.
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Cactus
    ·      Evergreen
    ·      Blue Spruce
    ·      Ocean Depths
    ·      Spruce
    ·      Marine
    ·      Mint
    ·      Teal
    ·      Zuni Turquoise Stripe

    For our full collection of Turquoise offerings, click here!
    Purple signifies luxury and nobility.  It comes in many hues and can be very rich or very cool.  Either way, it should be part of your wardrobe this season to give it that extra vibrancy during the darker, cooler months. 
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Tyrian Purple
    ·      Blackberry
    ·      Mulberry
    ·      Wild Aster
    ·      Fig

    For our full collection of Purple offerings, click here!

    Rusts, Reds and Rusty Reds are a hot topic this season.  Found in everything from stripes to corduroy texture, we couldn’t be more pleased to have this part of the winter color palette.  Red signifies passion and adventure and definitely captures attention.  So if you are looking for a show stopping piece or outfit this season, this is it!
    Names vary and include:
    ·      Red
    ·      Molten Stripe
    ·      Bordeaux
    ·      Salsa
    ·      Cabernet
    ·      Spice
    ·      Sienna
    ·      Sunset
    ·      Winetasting

    For our full collection of Red/Rust offerings, click here!

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  5. You cannot walk into a store this time of year without seeing something referencing Valentine’s Day…red roses, boxes of chocolates, Valentine’s Day cards, and more. The build up is dramatic, the sentiments are sweet and the love is real.  At we are doing the same by highlighting our RED and PINK offerings.  They make the perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one, this season. 
    RED gives any woman that extra glow, it exudes intensity, passion, energy and confidence.  PINK emanates tenderness, kindness, sweetness, sensitivity and romance.  So show them your passion and kindness this Valentine’s Day and drape yourself in these sweet colors…And, stay tuned for more specials from this Valentine's season.

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    Ardennes Tank Top

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    Sophia Scarf

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    Manu Mitts & Scarf

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    Delight Performance Top

    Principle Tunic

    Carve Designs
    Laurel Dress

    Juno Pant

    Darn Tough
    City Block Knee High Sock

    Pistil Designs
    Shendra Slouch Style Hat

    Pistil Designs
    Effie Infinity Scarf

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  6. I couldn’t wait to post this week’s Color Story…Purple!  It is my favorite color and has been since I was a kid.  But just as much as I love Purple, I love color philosophy - how color affects the senses and what it says about us as people.

    According to, Purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality, the subconscious, creativity, dignity and royalty.  Light Purples are light-hearted, floral and romantic.  Darker Purples are more intellectual and dignified. 

    If you like the color Purple, it can also speak volumes about your personality.  According to, people would describe you as:

    • Sensitive
    • Compassionate
    • Understanding
    • Supportive
    • Generous and a giver
    • Gentle and free spirited
    • Your energy pulls people in
    • You are creative and idealistic
    • You are a dreamer
    • You deal positively in the face of adversity
    • You are intuitive has taken Color Psychology to a whole new level with our Color Story Boards.  This allows you to see a variety of pieces filtered by color and how it can translate in your wardrobe.  Color Stories are just as important as design elements, because your color selection can make or break your entire look! 

    Check out our Color Stories at!

    See Our Color Story Boards on Pinterest!

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