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  1. As April and Athletic Apparel month starts to come to a close, we look back at our athletic performance for the month.  This month has been all about pushing ourselves to new limits.  In fact, this month I had a few very humbling fitness moments… 
    This week, I took advantage of a nicer day to go for a run.  We have some big, long, technical runs planned this summer and I need to start getting back into cardiovascular shape and increasing my distance now before those runs creep up on me.  I went for a short, but really hilly run, and thought half way through – “gosh, I feel horrible and I can’t wait until I am back in shape and able to run longer distances like it is nothing”.  But I can’t focus on chapter 12 when I’m on chapter 1.  So I got home, sat down at my computer and started planning out the rest of my mileage workouts based on our planned runs this summer.  Bring it on!
    And then today, I had a moment during my workout where I wondered if I could go any further.  It was as much a mental workout as it was a physical one.  Exercises were challenging, the reps were high, and there was virtually no recovery time.  I broke down at one point…and then I took a deep breath and got it together.  I stopped looking at everyone else around me struggling (which made it worse for me), I stopped looking at the workout as impossible, and I started strategizing how to get through it by breaking it up into smaller intervals and celebrated completing those intervals…and then I finished!
    We all have limits, but the important thing is to set goals and strive for them.  Some of them may be trying to complete a mile run or walk, or finding the courage to get back into the gym.  Some of you may be training for a marathon, triathlon or simply hitting the gym to get strong and feel your absolute best.  It doesn’t really matter what your fitness goals are…it just matters that you have them and that you stay dedicated to them and to yourself!
    We are so blessed to have our bodies and our health, so let’s get active, stay active, push our limits and feel the best we have ever felt…together!
    Looking for a bit of inspiration?  Check out these inspiring athletes that teach us that no obstacle is too large to overcome in our quest to stay fit and healthy.
    Kayla Montgomery:
    Watch the video “Catching Kayla,” linked in this article, and you will be truly moved
    “She Collapses In Agony Every Time She Runs A Race, But This Teen With MS Refuses To Stop” 

    Noah Galloway
    Some of you may know him from this season’s Dancing with the Stars competition.  But what you should know him for is his story and his devotion to giving back.  His mantra is #NoExcusesNoah – who doesn’t love that?!
    Click Here for Noah's Bio

    Louise Green
    Louise writes this article about more than just herself, and powerfully strikes down stereotypes about body shape, body image and fat shaming.
    "I'm fat and I'm an athlete.  You shouldn't be surprised."

    “They ask why I push myself to the limit. 
    I do it because I feel powerful, strong and tough.  
    I feel at home when I’m challenged.” 
    Noah Galloway

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  2. In follow up to our Fitness Challenge, we think it is only appropriate to help you with your Winter Fitness Wardrobe Essentials.  In fact, we often fashion Style Guides around the category “Fitness Fanatic” and this season is no exception.  Check out our newest Fitness Fanatic Style Guides here and stay tuned for more to come.


    Based on these Style Guides, here are our top 5 essential items for an active, outdoor wardrobe this season:

    Top 5 Winter Fitness Wardrobe Must-Haves

    Jacket or Pullover

    Tank Top

    Capris or Pants


    Gloves & Mitts

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  3. We have been lucky this Fall to have an Indian summer.  The temps are still hovering in the 60s most days, the sun has been shining and we continue to enjoy most outdoor, summertime activities like riding our bikes, running and more. 

    All of that said, I’ve personally encountered an injury that has been holding me back.  Injuries are the worst…and I know there are many worse than mine…but it’s a total bummer when you simply cannot enjoy the things you are accustomed to, or if you do, you wince through the pain. 

    It’s a hard thing – getting older.  It’s super humbling sometimes, but that being said, I’m not going to let any injury get in the way of my staying fit, especially because my physical therapist cleared me for exercise.  So…as the colder weather approaches and people start flocking to the gym, we are putting ourselves to a fitness challenge that virtually anyone can do from home.  For the next 30 days we will be tracking our progress via our social media pages and encouraging you and yours to get up and get crackin’!  Because there is nothing sexier than a strong woman – strong of character, strong of will, strong of mind and strong of body.  Now…who’s with me?!?!

    PS – A huge shout out to my Mom who just completed a 5K walk last week, and to my stepmom who is training for her first 5K running race this November.  Age is just a number people…these ladies are in their 60s and killin’ it!!!

    What you need for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge:
    ·         Positive attitude
    ·         Weights appropriate for you
    ·         If a fitness routine is new to you, we strongly encourage you to consult a doctor before starting this challenge
    ·         Need motivation? Grab a partner!

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