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  1. Fall/Winter clothing brings on a whole new realm of colors and inspiration for your wardrobe.  This year is no slouch when it comes to interesting colors and color combinations that are earthy yet vibrant.  Here are this season’s hottest color trends in outdoor clothing:
    Blue/greens were a standout this season when selecting items for  The cool, calming properties make it a go to for your wardrobe.  Mix and match this beautiful hue for a wonderful capsule collection, or combine it with the purples and rusts that are also hot this season for a wonderful jewel tone effect.
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Cactus
    ·      Evergreen
    ·      Blue Spruce
    ·      Ocean Depths
    ·      Spruce
    ·      Marine
    ·      Mint
    ·      Teal
    ·      Zuni Turquoise Stripe

    For our full collection of Turquoise offerings, click here!
    Purple signifies luxury and nobility.  It comes in many hues and can be very rich or very cool.  Either way, it should be part of your wardrobe this season to give it that extra vibrancy during the darker, cooler months. 
    Names vary and include…
    ·      Tyrian Purple
    ·      Blackberry
    ·      Mulberry
    ·      Wild Aster
    ·      Fig

    For our full collection of Purple offerings, click here!

    Rusts, Reds and Rusty Reds are a hot topic this season.  Found in everything from stripes to corduroy texture, we couldn’t be more pleased to have this part of the winter color palette.  Red signifies passion and adventure and definitely captures attention.  So if you are looking for a show stopping piece or outfit this season, this is it!
    Names vary and include:
    ·      Red
    ·      Molten Stripe
    ·      Bordeaux
    ·      Salsa
    ·      Cabernet
    ·      Spice
    ·      Sienna
    ·      Sunset
    ·      Winetasting

    For our full collection of Red/Rust offerings, click here!

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  2. Wrap, shawl, poncho…and the list goes on of this season's SUPER HOT trend.  They are everywhere!  On the street, on the runway…and they should be in your closet!  Gone are the days of only having structured, form fitting outfits.  People are finally embracing stylish comfort. 
    There are so many benefits to these great wardrobe essentials:
    • They are the perfect layering piece.  Layer the over a tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve top or sweater depending on the weather.  Either way they are sure to keep you warm and cozy during the cold weather season.
    • They can be worn a variety of ways.  Wear your poncho loose or belt it!   Wear your wrap open or belted.  Wear your shawl like a large scarf or wrap it casually over your shoulders.
    • They are the perfect travel companion.  Because these items can be worn in a variety of ways, they are perfect for traveling.  They are also loose and comfortable, perfect for the constant activities surrounding your itinerary.  And, they are made from fabrics that resist wrinkling which is so important when traveling.
    • They make wonderful gifts for all of your girlfriends as one size fits all!
    • They are ON TREND, keeping your wardrobe fresh and stylish.​
    Kavu Pretty Poncho
    Just as its name states, this poncho is pretty!  We sold out of these in 2014 and couldn’t wait to get them back in stock in this seasons’ Heathered Black.  It literally goes with everything.
    Kavu Wrap It Cardi
    The Wrap It Cardi is a sleeveless take on the Pretty Poncho.  It can be worn loose and open or belted with the self fabric belt.  Available in 2 great neutral colors, it will literally layer over anything in your existing closet.
    Royal Robbins Lindsey Wrap Cardigan
    This amazing piece was designed to be worn in a multitude of ways.  So no matter what you have planned for the day, it will fit the bill.

    Royal Robbins Boucle Sweater Vest
    Another sleeveless wrap in a great knobby boucle fabric.  Available in a wonderful neutral color and another jewel tone option, its cozy and on point this season.
    Royal Robbins 3 Season Wrap
    Wool and Yak blend to make a luxurious wrap that is a must have accessory.  Layer it over your favorite top or wrap it over your favorite outerwear and make a statement.
    Royal Robbins Mystic Shawl
    Reversible and fabulous, this is our most cost effective option available!

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  3. If there is one thing I know about outdoor women, it is that they love a great hat.  Hats go with you from the grocery store to the slopes and from the après ski scene even to the office. Not only do hats keep you warm, they make an outfit feel and appear complete.  Hats can give your style a little extra edge, or stylishly cover up a really bad hair day.  This season, there are so many different styles to choose from – fitted, slouchy, pom poms, felted, embellished, embroidered, and more… Not only has collected the top hat trends in one place, we’ve also made recommendations depending upon your style needs.  You’re welcome ;)
    2015 Fall Hat Trends To Shop Now:
    1.    Knit Brim Hats – Knit brim hats have been an ongoing trend.  They frame your face in a slightly different way than a traditional beanie.  And they add dimension and style unlike any other hat.

    Pistil Designs Karma Knit Brim Hat
    Pistil Designs Clover Knit Hat

    2.    Wide Brim Hats – Wide brimmed hats and floppy hats abound on the runway this season.  They bring a style and sophistication to your outfit that a knit winter hat just can’t match.  Choose from classic or more bohemian styles here!
    Aventura Modena Hat
    Pistil Soho Broad Brim Fedora

    3.    Beanies – Fitted or slouchy, pom pom or no pom pom, beanies are hotter than ever.  We have a mix of all those styles.  Choose a fitted beanie for a more sporty look.  Choose an extra slouchy style for your casual look or even just lounging around the house.
    Pistil Remix Slouch Style Beanie
    Pistil Imelda Slouch Style Beanie
    Pistil Foxie Slouch Style Beanie
    Kavu Hazel Beanie

    4.    Caps –Who said you should only wear a baseball cap or trucker hat during the summer?  Winter caps are brilliant and made with winter weight materials and embroidery that match the season.  These caps are for more casual settings but will steal the show nonetheless.
    Pistil Pharis Trucker Hat
    Pistil Stevie Winter Ball Cap

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