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  1. July at is Lounge-tastic!  We are celebrating all things Lounge & Leisure including our Lounge Lizard Style Guides that help you put all of those fantastic lounge pieces together into great outfits suitable for loafing on the couch, or heading out on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.  So take this opportunity to shop all of our Lounge & Leisure items in one, easy place and finally relax the way you deserve to this summer. We hope you enjoy!



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  2. photo via Vogue UK
    While we specialize in outdoor clothing at, make no bones about it, we are in the fashion biz.  And as such, the beginning of the year is an important time for designers as they debut their Fall Styles for the upcoming year on the catwalk.  Not only is it a time for them to see and be seen, but it also a time for industry vets to put on their best display for the world to see.  And then…it is our turn to analyze, judge and decide what we like.
    From New York to London and Milan to Paris, there is one thing evident and that is Fall 2015 styles are edgy and innovative.  Pushing the envelope was everyone’s intention this season – seeing how far fashion can go – taking it to the edge...walking the precipice…without going too far. 
    Fall 2015 will prove to be an exciting time in fashion.  We hope you enjoy our hand selected items from the Runway to Street Style.  And, we hope you use them as inspiration for your next purchase, your next visit to your own closet or maybe even the next time you settle in at your very own sewing machine.  Whatever your choice, have fun, stay creative and make a bold statement in your personal fashion this year!

    New York Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Pamela Roland
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Alexandra Dieck
    photo via Vogue UK
    Fav Couple
    photo via Elle

    London Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Julien Macdonald
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Alexa Chung
    photo via Elle
    Fav Mother-Child: Hedvig Opshaug
    photo via Vogue UK

    Milan Fashion Week Staff Favs...
    Fav Runway: Roberto Cavalli
    photo via Harper's Bazaar
    Fav Street Style: Alexa Chung
    photo via Elle
    Fav Duo: Diana Enciu & Alina Tanasa
    photo via Vogue UK

    Paris Fashion Week Staff Favs...    
    Fav Runway: Louis Vuitton
    photo via Elle
    Fav Street Style: Sarah Harris
    photo via Elle
    Fav Pup Style
    photo via Vogue UK

    Check out our Pinterest Boards for a full look at our Fall 2015 Fashion Week Favs!

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  3. Cool air is starting to enter and Fall is around the corner.  What better way to kick off your fall wardrobe than with layering ideas and pieces that will serve your every need.  Outdoor Clothing is some of the most versatile and transitional clothing on the market, so make it a staple in your wardrobe.  Tops that can layer below cardigans, scarves that can layer over long sleeves when the air gets crisp at night, and so much more.  Check out our newest Style Guides that help anyone stylishly piece together outdoor clothing and help you through this cool weather transition.  

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  4. You are cordially invited to join OMS for a journey through WWSRA, a regional show for outdoor clothing that took place at the Denver Merchandise Mart last week.  This show is a critical piece to our business as it is where we meet with all of our vendors to determine what product mix we will have for upcoming seasons.  This week’s show….SPRING 2015!  So many great designs, so many wonderful colors.  We can’t wait to share them with you next Spring. 

    While being a buyer may seem glamorous to many, it can be quite difficult to balance the various aspects that make up the perfect color stories, product mixes and trends for a season one year from when you are actually buying.  It’s like a puzzle and you have to try and guess where all of the pieces go….but it is the most wonderful challenge we could imagine when presented by wonderful designs from our favorite brands.

    Things we consider when making our buys:
    1. Brands – who are the hottest brands out there and who is up and coming? Carve Designs was just voted one of the biggest up and coming brands. Darn Tough socks will be new to our line in the Fall.
    2. Design trends – which brands stay ahead of the curve and continue to push the envelope on designs? Lole is playing with floral prints and layered fabrics of varying weights.  Carve Designs continues to impress with unique and daring prints and patterns.
    3. Product categories – you can’t buy too many bottoms without balancing it all out with tops.  You should always analyze which items also sell best for your business and focus most on them.
    4. Color trends – what color stories make sense across all of your brands?  Spring 2015 is trending toward bright and bold colors like greens, oranges and yellows.  Neons are even coming into play!
    5. Imagery – when you sell online, you must work with brands that value high quality imagery and great lifestyle shots.  It’s so much easier to know what clothes look like on the body and in motion!
    6. Pricing – determine who your consumer is and make sure your price point matches their buying behavior. 
    And there is so much more to the buying process, but this gives you a Sneak Peek into all of the considerations we make every season to bring you the absolute best in Outdoor Fashion!

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  5. We will be reporting on Summer Trends all summer long.  Trends come and go as seasons do the same, but certain pieces in your wardrobe never go out of style.  With the first day of Summer just around the corner, we no longer have to day dream about warm weather and shopping for the perfect pieces to make your wardrobe uber stylish!
     Here is's Guide to Summer Wardrobe Essentials:

    Tees - Basic tees have been a wardrobe essential for years, but the not so basic tee will help spice up your summer wardrobe.  OMS knows you can go down to your favorite big box store and buy a basic tee for less than $10, so that’s why we always aim to offer something different, unique, special.
    Tank Tops - Otherwise known as the sleeveless tee, tank tops are an essential part of any warm weather wardrobe as they help us keep cool while looking good.  Not in to showing off your arms?  Layer them up with a wrap or cardigan for extra style points.
    Skirts - Skirts are so versatile as they can be dressed up or dressed down and you can choose from all kinds of lengths depending on your body type, or what you want to show off or what you want to cover up.  Designers are also making the 2-in-1 option wherby the skirt is convertible into a dress.  So in our eyes, skirts are one of the most versatile pieces in any closet!
    Dresses - Dresses are important to any wardrobe because they can offer you the stand alone piece that doesn't have to be paired with anything else in order to look good.    From short to maxi, fitted to flowing, so many looks can be achieved with the simple dress.
    Capris - If you have never tried capris before - you should!  Some folks just don't want to show off their legs - maybe you don't have a tan and want to hide those pasty white legs, maybe you have a scar that you don't want to show off, maybe you just don't think your legs are your best feature or maybe you feel like shorts are no longer appropriate for you, but you don't want to burn alive in the blistery sun with a pair of pants.  It doesn't matter what the reason is, the capri is here to make your day!

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  6. Whether you are traveling and want the perfect wardrobe to fit in to your carry-on luggage, or you just want to simplify your wardrobe but still look great, we have the solutions for you!  Below are 5 pieces that can be transformed into 5 different looks.  And by mixing and matching the right pieces, you can make your closet look infinitely bigger and keep your budget on track. Let help you decide which pieces to choose and how you can style them for the ultimate in summer fashion.

    A Busy Woman’s Weekend Style...

    Friday, May 16    Jennifer is a working woman who needs sophisticated yet easy clothes for the workplace.  She has found the perfect match with the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down in White and the Terra Hiker Pant in Taupe. They are comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the workplace.  We can’t wait to show you how she re-purposes them for the days that lie ahead.
    Saturday, May 17 AM Saturday is a big day for Jennifer.  She is taking the kids and the dog on a walk up Spring Creek Trail.  From there, she must pick up dog food, go to the bank, and get groceries for the cocktail party she is hosting Sunday night.  Jennifer heads to her closet to pick out some functional yet fashionable items for the day ahead.   She selects her favorite new top, the Noe Short Sleeve Tee in Black, which she transforms into a tank top with the roll up tabs at the sleeve.  And  matches it back to yesterday’s Terra Hiker Pant which she makes into a Capri with the roll up tabs on the pant leg.
    Saturday, May 17 PM After all of that is said and done, Jennifer drops the kids off with her hubby and meets her friends out for a long overdue Girls Night Out. She wants to dress the part but still stay comfortable, so she pairs the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down with the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt in Turkish Sea, worn as a dress, for the ultimate in versatile fashion.
    Sunday, May 18 AM Sunday morning is laid back.  She hits the pool with the kids wearing her favorite swimwear and the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt as a cover up.  From the pool, she and the kids head home to get prepared for the night ahead.
    Sunday, May 18 PM Jennifer has 1 hour to get the appetizers sorted and dressed, before guests arrive. She kicks into high gear by grabbing the Noe Short Sleeve Tee from yesterday and unrolling the sleeves.  She pairs it with the Cedar Skirt in Coral for a pop of color and an ounce of flair. And grabs the Anderson Long Sleeve Top to cover up when the cool night air sets in. Top it off with some great orange accessories, and not only is she dressed to the nines, but she is ready to go with time to spare!   

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  7. This time of year, Mother Nature plays tricks on us….Some days it is sunny and warm and summer feels like it is right around the corner. Other days, the weather is dark and gloomy and we shiver at the thought of a tank top and shorts.  It is important to have some basic wardrobe essentials for transitional times.  And the wonderful thing about it is, even when the weather turns warm, these pieces continue to be a staple for your layering needs. A cardigan for cool weather nights, a button down shirt for the office, a long sleeve to keep you warm until yoga class gets your blood pumping.  Don’t avoid essential layering pieces to get you through transitional times! Embrace what you are up against and look good doing it.'s Guide for the "Betwixt & Between" Weather
    The Long Sleeve Tee

    Choose ¾ sleeves for their transitional nature or long sleeves in lightweight fabrics like burnout jersey, cotton slub or rayon/spandex blends.
    The Button Down

    Button them up for the office, layer them over a tank top for a more casual look or select one with adjustable sleeves for a convertible look.  Whatever you choose, make the long sleeve button down your go to layering piece this season.
    The Cardigan

    Wear it open or cinch them with your favorite belt, 
    the cardigan is the quintessential layering piece for all seasons.
    The Hoodie

    Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?!  Choose your style – vest, sweatshirt or jacket to compliment your next activity.
    The Lightweight Jacket

    Believe it or not, jackets should always have their place in a warm weather wardrobe. Select one of these lightweight options for the yoga studio, running errands or hitting the trails.
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  8. As part of our March 2014 focused on “Finding Your Voice", we want people to remember that sometimes you can express yourself, your voice, your creativity, your everything through what you wear.  As Rachel Zoe, top stylist to the Hollywood Elite, has been quoted saying...."Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  We couldn't agree more!  And this is why focuses so much of our efforts on our Style Guides.  

    There are so many beautiful bodies out there, in mountain towns and elsewhere, that simply aren't dressed to show off all of their best features.  Don't hide behind your clothes and your puffy jackets women....!  Make your style fierce and your voice roar by putting together a look, not just an oufit!  

    Our biggest tip you ask?  Accessories can be functional, but they can also be stylish, don't forget to add them to your look before you head out the door.  The accessory is often time what makes or breaks the outfit.  The trick is...too many and you look like a crazy person, too little and you could look like you didn't put in any effort.  

    Let us help it all make sense with our Style Guides!  Sorted by the look you are trying to achieve for the day - Fitness Fanatic, Outdoor Woman, Sophisticated Lady, Luxe Layers, Lounge Lizard - we will help you dress the way you want to look. Because let's face it...we feel better, more confident, when we know we look good.  We stand a little bit taller, smile a little bit brighter and fill the room with a bit of magical energy.  

    Spring 2014 looks are coming in the next week and we will be adding more guides to the library, so join the OMS Collective today by commenting on our blogspots, following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, staying connected with us via our mobile experience or submitting a product review!

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