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  1. As April and Athletic Apparel month starts to come to a close, we look back at our athletic performance for the month.  This month has been all about pushing ourselves to new limits.  In fact, this month I had a few very humbling fitness moments… 
    This week, I took advantage of a nicer day to go for a run.  We have some big, long, technical runs planned this summer and I need to start getting back into cardiovascular shape and increasing my distance now before those runs creep up on me.  I went for a short, but really hilly run, and thought half way through – “gosh, I feel horrible and I can’t wait until I am back in shape and able to run longer distances like it is nothing”.  But I can’t focus on chapter 12 when I’m on chapter 1.  So I got home, sat down at my computer and started planning out the rest of my mileage workouts based on our planned runs this summer.  Bring it on!
    And then today, I had a moment during my workout where I wondered if I could go any further.  It was as much a mental workout as it was a physical one.  Exercises were challenging, the reps were high, and there was virtually no recovery time.  I broke down at one point…and then I took a deep breath and got it together.  I stopped looking at everyone else around me struggling (which made it worse for me), I stopped looking at the workout as impossible, and I started strategizing how to get through it by breaking it up into smaller intervals and celebrated completing those intervals…and then I finished!
    We all have limits, but the important thing is to set goals and strive for them.  Some of them may be trying to complete a mile run or walk, or finding the courage to get back into the gym.  Some of you may be training for a marathon, triathlon or simply hitting the gym to get strong and feel your absolute best.  It doesn’t really matter what your fitness goals are…it just matters that you have them and that you stay dedicated to them and to yourself!
    We are so blessed to have our bodies and our health, so let’s get active, stay active, push our limits and feel the best we have ever felt…together!
    Looking for a bit of inspiration?  Check out these inspiring athletes that teach us that no obstacle is too large to overcome in our quest to stay fit and healthy.
    Kayla Montgomery:
    Watch the video “Catching Kayla,” linked in this article, and you will be truly moved
    “She Collapses In Agony Every Time She Runs A Race, But This Teen With MS Refuses To Stop” 

    Noah Galloway
    Some of you may know him from this season’s Dancing with the Stars competition.  But what you should know him for is his story and his devotion to giving back.  His mantra is #NoExcusesNoah – who doesn’t love that?!
    Click Here for Noah's Bio

    Louise Green
    Louise writes this article about more than just herself, and powerfully strikes down stereotypes about body shape, body image and fat shaming.
    "I'm fat and I'm an athlete.  You shouldn't be surprised."

    “They ask why I push myself to the limit. 
    I do it because I feel powerful, strong and tough.  
    I feel at home when I’m challenged.” 
    Noah Galloway

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  2. Since April is Athletic Apparel Month at, we thought it only fitting to discuss the newest training we are doing since the New Year.  It is called Manic Training.  It’s not Boot Camp.  It’s not Cross Fit.  It’s not your every day, run of the mill gym class either (far from it).  It’s exactly what its name states…Manic. 
    Founder Graham “Bush” Muir is a force to be reckoned with.  When he speaks, people listen (or run the other direction).  He is a Kiwi transplanted to Steamboat Springs, CO via some Rugby Coaching positions that took him on a roundabout route to our little town.  He took his love of sport and helping people achieve their best possible athletic selves and siphoned it in to what is now Manic Training.
    I used to work with Bush’s wife back when he was just starting workouts out of his garage.  She used to beg me to come, telling me how “fun” it was.  I laughed as I was on a completely different training schedule back then.  I was training for triathlons and I felt if I wasn’t outside training then I wasn’t training at all.  And, I was always a solo athlete – I liked to run by myself, I liked to bike by myself, I liked to workout in the gym by myself, heck I even liked to ski by myself.  I just always felt like there were too many egos flying around and I wanted to concentrate on my workout, nothing else. 
    Pictured left to right: 
    Jeff Snook, instructor; Graham "Bush" Muir, Owner/Founder

    Years later and with pretty much every single one of my closest friends as Manic athletes, I gave in.  I participated in a Manic event to
    raise money for the American 300.  It gave me a taste not only of the workouts, but of the comradery and community that comes with it. I don’t know if it is age or what, but I really enjoy exercising with others now.  In fact, it is probably my number one motivator – perhaps my solo self lacks the motivation these days?!
    In that time, Bush’s gym has far exceeded the small space that was once his garage.  In fact, he’s increased the space of the gym a few times as his workouts and his way of training continue to draw more and more people.  I’m not going to lie…some days it is a gut wrenching workout that leaves you dazed and wondering what just happened.  But one thing is for sure…you always leave Manic knowing you left it all out on the floor.  And then when you start to see differences in your body and you know they are the differences you wanted to achieve, it makes that little angel sitting on your shoulder whisper into your ear to sign up for the next class.  So I do.
    There really is no describing the Manic workout, so you should head on over to their website and check it out…MANIC TRAINING!
    And don’t forget our Athletic Apparel & Fitness Fanatic Style Guides to move you through your workouts.  

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  3. April is Athletic Apparel month at!  

    Now is the time of year, when we clean out our cold weather closet and start to make room for warm weather attire.  One of my personal favorites is digging out last year’s workout gear and figuring out what I need this year.  I get a certain personal satisfaction from knowing I look good at the gym, even if I am covered in sweat and grunting through the last few rounds of an exercise.  I am also a woman on the go, especially after the gym, with kids to feed, errands to run, etc. I like to wear athletic clothing that I know will translate to being out in public while I whiz around town trying to check off every last thing from my checklist.

    So, I also love putting together our Fitness Fanatic Style Guides with this concept in mind.  We have new arrivals coming in every week now, so we will be updating you with more Fitness Fanatic Style Guides as the month goes on, but for this week, we wanted to present you with….
    Tango in Teal

    Also, don’t forget to check out our Fitness Oriented Pinterest Boards which range from beginner workouts to fitness challenges and span all kinds of activities from yoga to surf/SUP and trail running to cycling.  Get inspired this Spring!


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  4. By now you should be feeling stronger and as I like to say “ready to up the ante” on the OMS Fitness Challenge.  Below are some recommendations for modifications you can do to increase the difficulty and add interest to your daily workout.  We recommend implementing one or maybe two at a time as opposed to all of them all at once.  Either way, there are 7 days left to make it count and just because this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving, we are not going to give you a hall pass!  Sign up for your local Turkey Trot and use these exercises to get warmed up – not matter what, just keep moving!

    • Tricep Dips – if you are doing tricep dips with your knees bent, try moving your feet out further to increase the difficulty.  
    • Push Ups – if you are doing pushups with your knees on the ground, try doing push ups with your knees off the ground.  If you are already going push ups without your knees on the ground, try hugging your elbows into your rib cage and lowering until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, or while doing a regular push up bring your right leg up toward your right shoulder as you go down and then take it back as you come up.  Switch sides and repeat.
    • Mountain Climbers – you can increase the pace of your mountain climbers for a more cardio effect, or what I like to do is slow the pace down and focus on crunching in as your knee comes up to your chest
    • Sit Ups – put your arms above your head as you do your sit ups to increase the intensity.  Or you could always hug a small weight to your chest.
    • Crunches – As with mountain climbers, I like to slow the pace down and focus on crunching in.  You can also twist at the top of your crunch and then release down and twist to the opposite side.
    • Leg Raises – as you lower your legs down toward the ground, lower them as slowly as possible.  Hold a few inches above the ground for a few extra seconds, then repeat.
    • Planks – as with mountain climbers, you can always bring your right knee to your right shoulder as you hold your plank, release and then switch to your left knee and repeat.  If you want to get fancy, you can always switch to side planks.
    • Squats – add weights to your squat routine and feel it working through your glutes!
    • Bridges – as you raise up, lift one leg straight, keeping your hips level and hold.  Release down and then switch to the opposite leg.  Or, engage your core even further and add a ball.  Put your feet up on the ball, balance and then initiate your bridge.
    • Lunges – heat things up by switching to jump lunges, or add weights to your interval
    • Burpees – if you are not already doing a push up as part of your burpees, now is the time to start!
    • Bunnies – if you are not already doing a push up as part of your bunnies, add them in.  You can also add in jump lunges.
    • Wall Sits – if you have weights or a weighted medicine ball, hold the weight out in front of you with your elbows at a 90 degree angle and pulled in to your waist.  Slowly twist to the right and hold, come back to center, and then twist to the left and hold.

    No matter what, do what your body can handle and remember to have fun!

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  5. In follow up to our Fitness Challenge, we think it is only appropriate to help you with your Winter Fitness Wardrobe Essentials.  In fact, we often fashion Style Guides around the category “Fitness Fanatic” and this season is no exception.  Check out our newest Fitness Fanatic Style Guides here and stay tuned for more to come.


    Based on these Style Guides, here are our top 5 essential items for an active, outdoor wardrobe this season:

    Top 5 Winter Fitness Wardrobe Must-Haves

    Jacket or Pullover

    Tank Top

    Capris or Pants


    Gloves & Mitts

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  6. We have been lucky this Fall to have an Indian summer.  The temps are still hovering in the 60s most days, the sun has been shining and we continue to enjoy most outdoor, summertime activities like riding our bikes, running and more. 

    All of that said, I’ve personally encountered an injury that has been holding me back.  Injuries are the worst…and I know there are many worse than mine…but it’s a total bummer when you simply cannot enjoy the things you are accustomed to, or if you do, you wince through the pain. 

    It’s a hard thing – getting older.  It’s super humbling sometimes, but that being said, I’m not going to let any injury get in the way of my staying fit, especially because my physical therapist cleared me for exercise.  So…as the colder weather approaches and people start flocking to the gym, we are putting ourselves to a fitness challenge that virtually anyone can do from home.  For the next 30 days we will be tracking our progress via our social media pages and encouraging you and yours to get up and get crackin’!  Because there is nothing sexier than a strong woman – strong of character, strong of will, strong of mind and strong of body.  Now…who’s with me?!?!

    PS – A huge shout out to my Mom who just completed a 5K walk last week, and to my stepmom who is training for her first 5K running race this November.  Age is just a number people…these ladies are in their 60s and killin’ it!!!

    What you need for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge:
    ·         Positive attitude
    ·         Weights appropriate for you
    ·         If a fitness routine is new to you, we strongly encourage you to consult a doctor before starting this challenge
    ·         Need motivation? Grab a partner!

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  7. I was on a run the other day, and sadly not feeling great, but it was the thought of all the endurance events and the many people I knew that were participating at that exact moment, or getting ready to participate, that pushed me through.  All in all, I was able to finish a grueling 15+ mile point to point run on the Continental Divide that even my crazy fit boyfriend applauded.  Unfortunately, there was a huge part of me that felt like it wasn’t that big of an accomplishment.  Many of you may be rolling your eyes right now, and trust me, I don’t blame you.  But if you continue reading, you will understand why.

    I was about 7 miles in when I saw a familiar face running in the opposite direction.  It was the Leader of our local running group.  I knew he was training for the Run Rabbit Run 100 next month.  So without even asking him, I knew he was going to pass me, loop around the lake and be hot on my tail sooner than I would prefer.  I was hoping my heads up about the pair of moose on the trail about a half mile back would slow him down…just a little bit…   It didn’t.  I was on the final descent and heard not only his heavy footsteps behind me, but his heavy breathing from eeking out a super tough 27 miles.  Did I just get lapped?! Grrrrrrrr……!                                                                                                                                                                  
    All while this was going on, my best friend was participating in the 2014 Stinger Challenge.  That day was the bike race portion.  While he was doing the event as part of a duo, it was still a cramp inducing 25 miles in 80+ degree heat.  And, his team member was a force to be reckoned with… the owner of our local boot camp style training facility, Manic Training.  He called me after with updates.  He was feeling ok, but was focusing on his hydration and nutrition because he was preparing to run the full trail marathon segment of the 2014 Stinger Challenge the following day.  I was so proud of him, but all of a sudden my fitness seemed so slack by comparison.                                                               
    Now I know that no one should compare themselves on a fitness level.  Every one and every "body" is different.  For me, it’s more of a synopsis about how mountain towns breed insanely fit people.  Sometimes overly agro people as well.  If I were to go home (lower elevation, etc) I could probably run laps around people. But in Steamboat I am literally an average runner – sometimes I even just slog through races.  But the important thing is that I am out there and I’m staying active.  An active body supports an active mind and we need to take advantage of our fitness while we still have it.  So long live mountain towns for their picturesque beauty and the motivation and opportunity they provide all of us to stay fit and healthy!

    That said, I'm off to plan my next big running adventure for Labor Day Weekend - stay tuned!

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