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  1. Memorial Day Weekend marks many important things.  Most importantly, it is a time to remember all who passed serving our country in the armed forces.  Memorial Day weekend is also a time when folks recognize that Summer is finally here in a big way.  Trips to the mountains, rafting adventures, dinners out with friends, BBQs and more.  And for those of us who love to shop (hello ladies!), it is a time for major savings.
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  2. Memorial Day weekend is a celebratory time for many….it marks the start of the summer season, BBQs and more.  For others, it goes back to the roots of what Memorial Day is all about – remembering the men and women that fought, served and died for this country in the line of service.

    And for even more of us, it marks the anniversary of losing a loved one, not to military service, but from our lives.  For me, it marks the loss of my father, my best friend and the most important man in my life.  It was 13 years ago and yet it is as painful today as it was then in so many ways.  I was 25, I had just moved all the way across the country, got my first professional job, bought my first house and was so excited to show it to him that summer.  Needless to say, he was only ever able to hear about those little milestones…never to see them. 

    I will spare everyone the details of how, where and what happened.  It really isn’t important in the overall scheme of things.  But it is important to say that he is still missed very, very much.  Every day that comes between today and the day it happened may put it further in the past, but the wounds are still deep, the grief is still real, and the loss is often suffocating. 

    I miss being able to pick up the phone and ask him for advice.
    I miss going out for cocktails with him (after 21 of course) and thinking he was the coolest person in the room.
    I often see someone on the street, in a restaurant or simply out and about and something about them…their mannerisms, the way they are holding themselves, their nose, their hair, their laugh…reminds me of him.
    I sometimes wake up at night thinking he is in the room with me or I hear strange noises and wonder….
    I hate myself for feeling like I’ve forgotten what his voice sounds like.
    I miss his laugh and how his energy could fill a room.
    I still have pictures of him in my room.
    I still keep some of his clothes in my closet.  They don’t smell like him anymore, but every once in a while they make me smile.
    I have the necklace he wore every day in safe keeping.  It is his zodiac sign.  He is a Scorpio.
    I always talk about him in the present tense as if he is still here. 
    I still have the chair he received when he graduated from Dental School.
    I am still in awe of how much he loved his work – the passion, the dedication and the sheer will and determination to be the best oral surgeon on the planet.
    I still celebrate his birthday, but stopped celebrating Father’s Day.  Either way, I miss being able to send him a card or surprise him with a present.
    People think I don’t lik eweddings.  What they don’t understand is my father was never able to be at my wedding.  I cry like an absolute baby when at one, especially during a father-daughter dance. 
    And the list could go on and on and on. 

    I miss lots of things, but better to have had him in my life for those 25 years than not at all.  I cherish our relationship in every way and look forward to seeing him some day on the other side (hopefully when I am really old and gray) where we can live, and laugh, and share Daddy-daughter love again without the painful separation of death between us. 

    Until then, and especially on this holiday weekend, I will do my best to celebrate the fact that he was the best man that ever lived.  I love you Fath… 

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