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  1. I had a friend call me the other day, and ask for some travel fashion advice.  I found it quite ironic since we are focusing on "Fashion that Travels" this month, so I thought I would share the overwhelmingly profound advise that I gave her. (insert wink, wink here)
    First of all, there are many questions to ask yourself when traveling.  My top 5 are:
    ·      Where are you going?
    ·      What is the weather forecast?
    ·      What is the culture like?
    ·      How long will you be staying?
    ·      What kinds of activities/itinerary do you have planned?

    In this case, my friend was traveling to New York City, the weather was going to be in the 40s, it’s a metropolitan area with a fashion sense known for black and grey, she was going for a long weekend and they were planning to shop, drink, eat and tour around to trendy places.
    I pulled some items from the closet, and low and behold she ended up using several of my recommendations.  Here are just a few…

    Pretty Poncho/Cover Up
    This item is a must have in any wardrobe because not only is it AMAZING.  It is one of the best weapons in your arsenal when traveling from warm weather to cold weather or vice versa.   Now, our Fall version is sold out in both colors because…again…this piece is AMAZING…but not to worry!  We have a spring version of the same thing in the KAVU Cover Up and next Fall we will be bringing the beloved Pretty Poncho back into the fray!
    Whitman Pant
    There is nothing better than a pant that can be dressed up or dressed down and feels so yummy you would swear you were wearing pajamas.  Wear it on the plane, wear them out to a nice restaurant, wear them to run errands, etc.
    Indah Jacket
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from many trips to Manhattan, YOU. MUST. HAVE. A. GREAT. JACKET.  This jacket is a travel go to.  It is light weight enough to be a 3 season stunner.  It can be worn without ever taking it off and look trendy and presentable for almost any occasion, or it can simply be used as a great layer over your favorite top or frock. 
    Revery Long Sleeve Top
    This is my go to long sleeve when traveling because the fabric is out of this world.  It can serve as a “basic” or layer under lots of things, and the unique cowl neck makes it more than just a basic long sleeve top.
    Mixing and matching was key here.  My friend didn’t want to take anything other than a carry on for a long weekend and the 4 pieces we gave her offered several options for her 3 day trip. 
    If you have a trip coming up soon and need some travel fashion advice, never fear, we are always here for you!  Message us at with your requests and we will do our best to make your travel anxiety melt away so you can enjoy your trip and focus on what is important…Cheers!

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  2. Whether you are traveling and want the perfect wardrobe to fit in to your carry-on luggage, or you just want to simplify your wardrobe but still look great, we have the solutions for you!  Below are 5 pieces that can be transformed into 5 different looks.  And by mixing and matching the right pieces, you can make your closet look infinitely bigger and keep your budget on track. Let help you decide which pieces to choose and how you can style them for the ultimate in summer fashion.

    A Busy Woman’s Weekend Style...

    Friday, May 16    Jennifer is a working woman who needs sophisticated yet easy clothes for the workplace.  She has found the perfect match with the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down in White and the Terra Hiker Pant in Taupe. They are comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the workplace.  We can’t wait to show you how she re-purposes them for the days that lie ahead.
    Saturday, May 17 AM Saturday is a big day for Jennifer.  She is taking the kids and the dog on a walk up Spring Creek Trail.  From there, she must pick up dog food, go to the bank, and get groceries for the cocktail party she is hosting Sunday night.  Jennifer heads to her closet to pick out some functional yet fashionable items for the day ahead.   She selects her favorite new top, the Noe Short Sleeve Tee in Black, which she transforms into a tank top with the roll up tabs at the sleeve.  And  matches it back to yesterday’s Terra Hiker Pant which she makes into a Capri with the roll up tabs on the pant leg.
    Saturday, May 17 PM After all of that is said and done, Jennifer drops the kids off with her hubby and meets her friends out for a long overdue Girls Night Out. She wants to dress the part but still stay comfortable, so she pairs the Anderson Long Sleeve Button Down with the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt in Turkish Sea, worn as a dress, for the ultimate in versatile fashion.
    Sunday, May 18 AM Sunday morning is laid back.  She hits the pool with the kids wearing her favorite swimwear and the Catalina Hi-Low Skirt as a cover up.  From the pool, she and the kids head home to get prepared for the night ahead.
    Sunday, May 18 PM Jennifer has 1 hour to get the appetizers sorted and dressed, before guests arrive. She kicks into high gear by grabbing the Noe Short Sleeve Tee from yesterday and unrolling the sleeves.  She pairs it with the Cedar Skirt in Coral for a pop of color and an ounce of flair. And grabs the Anderson Long Sleeve Top to cover up when the cool night air sets in. Top it off with some great orange accessories, and not only is she dressed to the nines, but she is ready to go with time to spare!   

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