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  1. This time of year, Mother Nature plays tricks on us….Some days it is sunny and warm and summer feels like it is right around the corner. Other days, the weather is dark and gloomy and we shiver at the thought of a tank top and shorts.  It is important to have some basic wardrobe essentials for transitional times.  And the wonderful thing about it is, even when the weather turns warm, these pieces continue to be a staple for your layering needs. A cardigan for cool weather nights, a button down shirt for the office, a long sleeve to keep you warm until yoga class gets your blood pumping.  Don’t avoid essential layering pieces to get you through transitional times! Embrace what you are up against and look good doing it.'s Guide for the "Betwixt & Between" Weather
    The Long Sleeve Tee

    Choose ¾ sleeves for their transitional nature or long sleeves in lightweight fabrics like burnout jersey, cotton slub or rayon/spandex blends.
    The Button Down

    Button them up for the office, layer them over a tank top for a more casual look or select one with adjustable sleeves for a convertible look.  Whatever you choose, make the long sleeve button down your go to layering piece this season.
    The Cardigan

    Wear it open or cinch them with your favorite belt, 
    the cardigan is the quintessential layering piece for all seasons.
    The Hoodie

    Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?!  Choose your style – vest, sweatshirt or jacket to compliment your next activity.
    The Lightweight Jacket

    Believe it or not, jackets should always have their place in a warm weather wardrobe. Select one of these lightweight options for the yoga studio, running errands or hitting the trails.
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  2. As part of our March 2014 focused on “Finding Your Voice", we want people to remember that sometimes you can express yourself, your voice, your creativity, your everything through what you wear.  As Rachel Zoe, top stylist to the Hollywood Elite, has been quoted saying...."Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  We couldn't agree more!  And this is why focuses so much of our efforts on our Style Guides.  

    There are so many beautiful bodies out there, in mountain towns and elsewhere, that simply aren't dressed to show off all of their best features.  Don't hide behind your clothes and your puffy jackets women....!  Make your style fierce and your voice roar by putting together a look, not just an oufit!  

    Our biggest tip you ask?  Accessories can be functional, but they can also be stylish, don't forget to add them to your look before you head out the door.  The accessory is often time what makes or breaks the outfit.  The trick is...too many and you look like a crazy person, too little and you could look like you didn't put in any effort.  

    Let us help it all make sense with our Style Guides!  Sorted by the look you are trying to achieve for the day - Fitness Fanatic, Outdoor Woman, Sophisticated Lady, Luxe Layers, Lounge Lizard - we will help you dress the way you want to look. Because let's face it...we feel better, more confident, when we know we look good.  We stand a little bit taller, smile a little bit brighter and fill the room with a bit of magical energy.  

    Spring 2014 looks are coming in the next week and we will be adding more guides to the library, so join the OMS Collective today by commenting on our blogspots, following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, staying connected with us via our mobile experience or submitting a product review!

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