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  1. We recently posted about the new Athleisure trend hitting fashion.  We couldn' think of a better way to follow up than with our library of Athleisure Style Guides.  These ensembles are meant to translate across even the busiest of your days.  From office to cocktail hour, studio to grocery store, hiking trail to lounging at home.  I mean…finding clothes that versatile is a tall order.  Leave it to the outdoor industry to bring their A-game.  We’ve handed selected our favorites from our top brands to bring straight to you, and we couldn’t be happier about the outfits we have put together. 

    Athleisure Style Guide Library

    So when you aren’t quite sure what you need to conquer your day, look no further than’s Style Guides!

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  2. There is no better time for the après ski scene than when temperatures start to warm up and we are on the verge of spring skiing.  And no mater what the temperature, we all want to look good when we finish on the slopes and head to happy hour.  Whether you are looking for a quick change on the fly, or want something easy to grab when you get back to your car or condo to slip into, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our Winter Wonders Style Guides now and get styled to the nines for your après ski scene.  Cheers!

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  3. What is a capsule collection, you ask?  Well, according to Wikipedia... a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, which can be augmented with seasonal pieces. We recommend you do this by season so that you have a nice, compact and even better – travel ready – wardrobe for each season.  Everything should blend together nicely which keeps your style cohesive.
    Top Tips for a Creating a Capsule Collection:

    1. Don't ignore the basics – Basic tees and tanks for Spring/Summer, basic long sleeves for Fall/Winter.  And remember that basics don’t have to be just some boring tee.  But they do need to be something that can coordinate back with lots of items.  Example: Aventura Erin Long Sleeve has great ruching and a wonderful wrap detail.  It can be used as a stand alone or a layering piece in white/black under lots of cardigans, sweaters, tunics and so on.
    2. Neutrals – By this we don’t mean that your wardrobe has to be nothing but white, off white, gray or black.  By all means if that is what you like, go for it, but there are so many other items that will match back with lots of things.  Example: Carve Whitman Slim Pant in Midnight.  With its dark wash, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  It’s not denim, but looks like it could be, and the fit on this pant is comfortable and flattering.
    3. Travel ready pieces – Travel ready pieces are great because they coordinate with so many things and can be worn over and over again without worry about wrinkles, etc  Example: Kavu Pretty Poncho and Kavu Wrap It Up Cardi.  These can be layered over leggings, pants, skirts and dresses.
    4. Trendy Items – Let yourself buy a few trendy items each season.  It keeps your wardrobe fresh and current.  And with some trends lasting longer and longer these days, it helps ease some pressure on your bank account but still lets you look stylish every season. Example: Kavu Deva Dress in Military Camo Print or even Toad & Co.’s Printed Lean Legging in Camo or Tyrian Purple.
    5. Accessories – You can change up the look of each outfit by accessorizing.  And outdoor women love a great hat, scarf or pair of mitts.  Let’s face it, we wear them to run errands, during activities, on the après ski scene and sometimes even at work.
    For inspiration, we’ve set up some great capsule collections for Fall.
    Capsule Collection I - Fall 2015 - a great collection of whites, ivories, grays and blacks
    Capsule Collection II - Fall 2015 - a spectacular mix of purples and turquoises
    Capsule Collection III - Fall 2015 - off white, blues and deep purples create a wonderful color palette
    Capsule Collection IV - Fall 2015 - reds, whites, blacks and plaids!
    Capsule Collection V - Fall 2015 - neutrals, turquoises and rusts abound
    Capsule Collection VI - Fall 2015 - comfy, nubby knits in rich, organic colors
    Capsule Collection VII - Fall 2015 - off whites, browns and great coordinating neutrals

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  4. August is Lifestyle Month at!  That means, we are highlighting all of the wonderful apparel and accessory items that will easily and seamlessly take you from day to night.  Don't know what to wear at the office, need inspiration? We've got you covered.  Need a great top or outfit for a night out?  We've got you covered.  Want to show off your feminine side? We've got you covered for that too.  We've set up a one stop shopping experience for all of it, so get ready ladies!

    Not only that, but we are putting more "Sophisticated Lady" Style Guides together for you.  The Sophisticated Lady is the perfect icon for Lifestyle Month...she's cool, relaxed and elegant all rolled into one.  She's the one at the office or at cocktail hour that turns heads because everyone in the room wants to be dressed like her.  So take our style advice this month and beyond and you won't regret it!

    August is Lifestyle Month!

    Sophisticated Lady Style Guides!

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  5. July at is Lounge-tastic!  We are celebrating all things Lounge & Leisure including our Lounge Lizard Style Guides that help you put all of those fantastic lounge pieces together into great outfits suitable for loafing on the couch, or heading out on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.  So take this opportunity to shop all of our Lounge & Leisure items in one, easy place and finally relax the way you deserve to this summer. We hope you enjoy!



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  6. If there is one thing we love about the summer season, is that there are so many versatile clothes available, particularly for the outdoor woman. We have hand selected our favorite pieces from 10 different categories for the perfect capsule collection for summertime sun and adventure. Mix and Match your favorites, or reference our Style Guides for the creme de la creme looks in outdoor, active womens clothing that serves style and function like none other.

    1.     The Perfect Hat
    Pistil McKinley Trucker Hat Pistil Ranger Cap Pistil Josephine Fedora

    2.     Great, Versatile Scarf
    Pistil Avery Scarf Pistil Solange Scarf Pistil Esme Scarf

    3.     Socks That Go the Extra Mile
    Darn Tough Farmers Market No Show Darn Tough Pin Dots Shorty Darn Tough Sassy Stripe Crew

    4.  Active Skirts
    Carve Designs Seaside Skirt Toad & Co. Chaka Skirt Kavu Stella Skirt

    5.  Dresses that Move
    Carve Designs Gansett Dress Toad & Co Long Island Maxi Dress Kavu Jocelyn Dress

     6.  Convertible Pant
    Royal Robbins Terra Hiker Pant Royal Robbins Cool Mesh Pant Royal Robbins Breeze Thru Culotte

    7.  The "It" Short
    Carve Designs Oahu Short Carve Designs Lanikai Short Royal Robbins Strider Stretch Short

    8.  The Essential Tee
    Royal Robbins Noe Short Sleeve Toad & Co Slubstripe Vee Tee Aventura Imogen Tee

    9.   Lightweight Long Sleeve
    Carve Designs Dylan Gauze Top Royal Robbins Noe 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Royal Robbins Essential Tencel Cowl

     10.  The Perfect Cardigan/Hoodie
    Aventura Everly Hoodie Carve Designs Anderson Cardigan Aventura Lantana Hoodie

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  7. The rain has started to dissipate here, the valley is green and the sun is baking my skin and making it feel like summer.  We can finally get back outdoors to enjoy all of those things we love - trail running, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, camping, hiking and more.  These are all things we love about this season, which is why we've chosen to make June the Month of Outdoor & Adventure.  We have put all of our favorite Outdoor & Adventure style products in one place for a one-stop shopping experience for your next outdoor adventure.  We will also be posting new Style Guides under the category Outdoor Woman, which provide stylish outfits for the woman who heads outdoors on the regular.  And, last but not least, we will be adding lots of fun pins to our outdoor boards around themes like trail running, mountain biking, glamping and more!  So join us for a fantastic celebration of all things outdoor this is, after all, the entire motivation behind!



    Trail Running & Inspiration
    to Get Moving! 
    Get Dirty:
    Mountain Biking
    Glamorous Camping
    More Glamping:
    More Glamorous Camping

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  8. May is the Month of Beach & Sun at  That said, there has been no “beach going” or even any sun to speak of in Colorado.  In fact, it snowed here in Steamboat yesterday and this morning I had to scrape ice off my car before going to the gym.  What is that all about?! 
    It makes us long for days when you can feel the hot sun baking your skin and there is not a single cloud in the sky.  Those are the days when weather isn’t keeping you inside, but it is the main motivator for getting you outside and active.  Long runs on dry trails, girls mountain bike rides filled with sweat and laughs, swimming at the local watering hole, road biking until you can no longer feel your bum because the ride is just too beautiful to ignore…and so much more.
    Hopefully we can provide you with plenty of inspiration for your Beach & Sun adventures that are on the horizon.   And if it isn’t already, may the sun soon kiss your tanned skin and makes you smile from the inside out.




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  9. April is Athletic Apparel month at!  

    Now is the time of year, when we clean out our cold weather closet and start to make room for warm weather attire.  One of my personal favorites is digging out last year’s workout gear and figuring out what I need this year.  I get a certain personal satisfaction from knowing I look good at the gym, even if I am covered in sweat and grunting through the last few rounds of an exercise.  I am also a woman on the go, especially after the gym, with kids to feed, errands to run, etc. I like to wear athletic clothing that I know will translate to being out in public while I whiz around town trying to check off every last thing from my checklist.

    So, I also love putting together our Fitness Fanatic Style Guides with this concept in mind.  We have new arrivals coming in every week now, so we will be updating you with more Fitness Fanatic Style Guides as the month goes on, but for this week, we wanted to present you with….
    Tango in Teal

    Also, don’t forget to check out our Fitness Oriented Pinterest Boards which range from beginner workouts to fitness challenges and span all kinds of activities from yoga to surf/SUP and trail running to cycling.  Get inspired this Spring!


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  10. Cool air is starting to enter and Fall is around the corner.  What better way to kick off your fall wardrobe than with layering ideas and pieces that will serve your every need.  Outdoor Clothing is some of the most versatile and transitional clothing on the market, so make it a staple in your wardrobe.  Tops that can layer below cardigans, scarves that can layer over long sleeves when the air gets crisp at night, and so much more.  Check out our newest Style Guides that help anyone stylishly piece together outdoor clothing and help you through this cool weather transition.  

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  11. I walked into a friend’s restaurant this week in head to toe items from and all of my girlfriends started ewing and ahhhing, and then proceeded to ask me to help them piece together outfits…that they don’t know how to shop…that they need help.  These are all great women with great bodies and great taste.  It’s not that they don’t know how to dress, it is that they don’t have the desire, inspiration or effort to put it all together.  That’s where we come in.  We have a growing library of Style Guides these days, as well as vision boards on our Pinterest site.

    Let be your personal stylist for outdoor clothing.  Don’t see anything you like?  Send us an email with an item or two that you love and we will happily style an outfit for you!  It’s what we do, it is a critical part of who we are, we love styling!

    Recently Added Style Guides from

    Style Guides/Vision Boards on Pinterest:
    OMS Style Guides: Beach Babe OMS Style Guides: Fitness Fanatic OMS Style Guides: Outdoor Woman
    OMS Style Guides: Lounge Lizard OMS Style Guides: Sophisticated Lady OMS Style Guides: Luxe Layers

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  12. The term “normcore” continues to infiltrate the fashion industry.  The more we read about it, the more we realize that while the outdoor fashion industry is anything from normal, it gives us a chance to make a statement to a larger segment of the population than just those folks living in recreational havens.  This is a platform for us to stand on and say to hipsters and urbanites, “Hey there, normcore can be cool.  Let those of us who have been dressing that way for years show you how…!” 
    The outdoor fashion industry has been booming for decades by making well designed, highly functional clothes.  And it continues to grow in recent years, as it focuses equally on style as it does on functionality.  Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and Tevas do not have to be boring.  In fact, they can be anything but when put together in the appropriate way.
    Wait…did I say Tevas?  Yes, I did!  In fact, Tevas are the perfect example of an outdoor/normcore brand that has begun casting a wider net to attract more than just outdoor enthusiasts as their customer base.  Their most recent campaign has launched them (in various renditions) on to the runways of folks like Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada, and even to the shelves at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and DSW.  It just goes to show that when a utilitarian product or brand is re-styled, it can appeal to the masses rather than just a niche.
    Some see normcore as a Style Challenge.  For those who do, we provide Style Guides.  They are an important component of our business as we provide a backdrop for how to assemble an outfit to hit the gym, or the street, in effortless style.
    Check out the following OMS Spring 2014 Style Guides below.  And, check back often as we incorporate new arrivals into our favorite outfits for the perfect Spring/Summer style. 

    Here’s to be anything but normal…!

    Fitness Fanatic
    For more Fitness Fanatic Styling Options - 
    click here
    Outdoor Woman
    For more Outdoor Woman Styling Options - 
    click here
    Lounge Lizard
    For more Lounge Lizard Styling Options – click here
    Beach Babe
    For more Beach Babe Styling Options – click here
    Luxe Layers
    For more Luxe Layers Styling Options – click here
    Sophisticated Lady
    For more Sophisticated Lady Styling Options – click here

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  13. As part of our March 2014 focused on “Finding Your Voice", we want people to remember that sometimes you can express yourself, your voice, your creativity, your everything through what you wear.  As Rachel Zoe, top stylist to the Hollywood Elite, has been quoted saying...."Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  We couldn't agree more!  And this is why focuses so much of our efforts on our Style Guides.  

    There are so many beautiful bodies out there, in mountain towns and elsewhere, that simply aren't dressed to show off all of their best features.  Don't hide behind your clothes and your puffy jackets women....!  Make your style fierce and your voice roar by putting together a look, not just an oufit!  

    Our biggest tip you ask?  Accessories can be functional, but they can also be stylish, don't forget to add them to your look before you head out the door.  The accessory is often time what makes or breaks the outfit.  The trick is...too many and you look like a crazy person, too little and you could look like you didn't put in any effort.  

    Let us help it all make sense with our Style Guides!  Sorted by the look you are trying to achieve for the day - Fitness Fanatic, Outdoor Woman, Sophisticated Lady, Luxe Layers, Lounge Lizard - we will help you dress the way you want to look. Because let's face it...we feel better, more confident, when we know we look good.  We stand a little bit taller, smile a little bit brighter and fill the room with a bit of magical energy.  

    Spring 2014 looks are coming in the next week and we will be adding more guides to the library, so join the OMS Collective today by commenting on our blogspots, following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, staying connected with us via our mobile experience or submitting a product review!

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