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  1. I had a friend call me the other day, and ask for some travel fashion advice.  I found it quite ironic since we are focusing on "Fashion that Travels" this month, so I thought I would share the overwhelmingly profound advise that I gave her. (insert wink, wink here)
    First of all, there are many questions to ask yourself when traveling.  My top 5 are:
    ·      Where are you going?
    ·      What is the weather forecast?
    ·      What is the culture like?
    ·      How long will you be staying?
    ·      What kinds of activities/itinerary do you have planned?

    In this case, my friend was traveling to New York City, the weather was going to be in the 40s, it’s a metropolitan area with a fashion sense known for black and grey, she was going for a long weekend and they were planning to shop, drink, eat and tour around to trendy places.
    I pulled some items from the closet, and low and behold she ended up using several of my recommendations.  Here are just a few…

    Pretty Poncho/Cover Up
    This item is a must have in any wardrobe because not only is it AMAZING.  It is one of the best weapons in your arsenal when traveling from warm weather to cold weather or vice versa.   Now, our Fall version is sold out in both colors because…again…this piece is AMAZING…but not to worry!  We have a spring version of the same thing in the KAVU Cover Up and next Fall we will be bringing the beloved Pretty Poncho back into the fray!
    Whitman Pant
    There is nothing better than a pant that can be dressed up or dressed down and feels so yummy you would swear you were wearing pajamas.  Wear it on the plane, wear them out to a nice restaurant, wear them to run errands, etc.
    Indah Jacket
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from many trips to Manhattan, YOU. MUST. HAVE. A. GREAT. JACKET.  This jacket is a travel go to.  It is light weight enough to be a 3 season stunner.  It can be worn without ever taking it off and look trendy and presentable for almost any occasion, or it can simply be used as a great layer over your favorite top or frock. 
    Revery Long Sleeve Top
    This is my go to long sleeve when traveling because the fabric is out of this world.  It can serve as a “basic” or layer under lots of things, and the unique cowl neck makes it more than just a basic long sleeve top.
    Mixing and matching was key here.  My friend didn’t want to take anything other than a carry on for a long weekend and the 4 pieces we gave her offered several options for her 3 day trip. 
    If you have a trip coming up soon and need some travel fashion advice, never fear, we are always here for you!  Message us at with your requests and we will do our best to make your travel anxiety melt away so you can enjoy your trip and focus on what is important…Cheers!

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  2. March is our month to focus on travel.  And wouldn’t you know it…we’ve got an OMS adventure that takes us out of the country!
    This week, we take time out for ourselves.  Time for some rest and relaxation, which is few and far between.  We find ourselves in Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit in Mexico for another OMS Adventure and we couldn’t be happier. We are staying at a quiet, private estate just outside of town and a 10 minute walk from a private beach where we might see 6 people at most all day.  We have laid in the sun, played in the waves, attempted to surf and met some really wonderful people along the way.  We are  grateful for this respite, while be it a short one. 
    As you can imagine, we utilize any adventure out of town to put our travel fashion caps on.  As we wait for new Spring arrivals, we jumped into our Spring 2014 archives for some goodies to serve our every need. Join us on this fashion adventure which I have to say has us uber excited for new items to arrive.  With all this fashion, we still managed a base tan and a snarky sense of humor about the blizzard and single digit temps back home....!
    Our top travel picks from this trip…

    Carve Designs Middleton Cover Up
    Ok…not only is this cover up made from impeccable fabric that drapes and floats and feels like heaven on earth, but the design lines of this cover up are…can I say it?!  Long enough to cover your bum, but short enough to show off your yams, I often pair this top with a pair of capris and a wedge for a night out, and then rock it by the pool the next day.
    Carve Designs Margo Maxi Dress
    Wear it to breakfast by the pool, wear it to the beach over your bikini, wear it out at night, it’s a super versatile piece!  Not everyone gets it, but maxi dresses are truly amazing and I am a firm believer that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe.
    Carve Designs Abbie Maxi Skirt & Kumari Tank Top
    While this maxi skirt is perfect for putting on over your bikini and walking comfortably around the pool in, it is a bit too long for walking on the beach.  Since, I am known for making skirts into dresses on a whim.  This is exactly what I did when we reached the sand.  I hiked the waist up to my armpits, tucked my blankets under my arm and toddled out to find the perfect sandy spot to call home for the day.  When I needed a top to cover up that day, I reached for the Kumari Tank Top.  Again, Carve nailed it on the fabric for this piece. It is so yummy, I didn’t want to take it off.  And the armpits were cut lower, but not too low so it is bra friendly, and the racer back with the low scoop in the front make it feminine but sporty all at the same time.
    Carve Designs Gansett Dress
    This dress gets an A+ for design and fabric coming together and making perfect sense.  This swim fabric is brilliant for any surf holiday and the beautiful print makes it super feminine.   The open back makes it easy to slip on and off when you need to run into the surf, and creates a great back when you wear it out at night.  I will never go on another beach vacation without this piece in tow.
    Lole Supta One Piece Jumper
    Perfect for travel days when you are going from one climate to the other. In Mexico we wore this as is with some sandals to stay cool and comfortable on our trip to the airport. Once we landed in Colorado, we grabbed a trusty cardigan to layer up and protect ourselves from the cold while changing into some closed toe shoes.
    For this and more travel friendly fashion, click here.  If you have a trip you are planning, let us know about it and how we can help you.  We’d love to put together some outfits for you to choose from!

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  3. I don’t know about you, but in our household, February marks the beginning of Blues Break for the kiddos, and the end of a slower time for us, making it perfect to get out of town for a few days. I have traveled a lot in my time.  However, (and this is very sad to admit) I haven’t actually taken a real vacation which involved relaxation in almost 5 years.  I am a worker…I come from a long line of workers….and even since I was young, I have struggled with how to relax.  It gives me anxiety to sit idle and even the word RELAX is hard for me to wrap my mind around.  My relax-phobias aside, I have finally planned a vacation, a REAL vacation, to a destination with a lot of sun and sand.  We are very excited and wanted to share some of our travel planning tips with you.
    Please see below for a FREE Travel Checklist.  This list is very extensive, so you can always adjust it to your needs, but it sure does cover all of the bases.

    OMS Travel Checklist

    Stay tuned for more updates!
    March is our TRAVEL theme on where we will be bringing you all of our fantastic travel pieces.  We will also be sharing what we are wearing, what adventures we are on, what we are eating, what we are drinking and more.

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