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Fall/Winter clothing brings on a whole new realm of colors and inspiration for your wardrobe.  This year is no slouch when it comes to interesting colors and color combinations that are earthy yet vibrant.  Here are this season’s hottest color trends in outdoor clothing:
Blue/greens were a standout this season when selecting items for  The cool, calming properties make it a go to for your wardrobe.  Mix and match this beautiful hue for a wonderful capsule collection, or combine it with the purples and rusts that are also hot this season for a wonderful jewel tone effect.
Names vary and include…
·      Cactus
·      Evergreen
·      Blue Spruce
·      Ocean Depths
·      Spruce
·      Marine
·      Mint
·      Teal
·      Zuni Turquoise Stripe

For our full collection of Turquoise offerings, click here!
Purple signifies luxury and nobility.  It comes in many hues and can be very rich or very cool.  Either way, it should be part of your wardrobe this season to give it that extra vibrancy during the darker, cooler months. 
Names vary and include…
·      Tyrian Purple
·      Blackberry
·      Mulberry
·      Wild Aster
·      Fig

For our full collection of Purple offerings, click here!

Rusts, Reds and Rusty Reds are a hot topic this season.  Found in everything from stripes to corduroy texture, we couldn’t be more pleased to have this part of the winter color palette.  Red signifies passion and adventure and definitely captures attention.  So if you are looking for a show stopping piece or outfit this season, this is it!
Names vary and include:
·      Red
·      Molten Stripe
·      Bordeaux
·      Salsa
·      Cabernet
·      Spice
·      Sienna
·      Sunset
·      Winetasting

For our full collection of Red/Rust offerings, click here!

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