Style Guide: Berry Perfect

Style Guide: Berry Perfect

Style Guide: Berry Perfect
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What's purple and blue all over and looks fantastic?  Why, our Berry Perfect ensemble of course! This look includes:
  • Pistil Cora Earflap Hat
  • Lole ArdennesTank Top
  • Lole Unite Hoodie
  • Lole Lively Capri
The Ardennes Tank Top is exquisite with its exclusive Lole pattern and drapey silhouette.  Stay warm during your workout, or as you go to and fro, with the Lole Unite Hoodie in bonded polar fabric.  And the Lively Capri will not disappoint with its built in power mesh layer to provide the ultimate support to your abdomen as you bend and twist with your activities.  Finally, top it all off with the Pistil Cora Earflap Hat in Eggplant for a truly divine outfit that will keep you cozy and warm for your fitness routines this season.