Style Guide: Plum Pleasures

Style Guide: Plum Pleasures

Style Guide: Plum Pleasures
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The weather is starting to turn and everyone is looking for the perfect layered look to get them from day to night.  Look no further than Plum Pleasures. This look includes:
  • Pistil's Clover Knit Hat
  • Horny Toad's Nixi Dress
  • Horny Toad's Printed Lean Legging
The Horny Toad Nixi Dress is a fabulous dress for women of all ages and sizes.  This simple, yet sophisticated dress can make a statement on its own, but pair it with the Horny Toad Printed Lean Leggings and we have a WOW outfit.  The print on the Lean Legging matches perfectly with Pistil's Clover Knit Hat which literally tops off this whole ensemble.